A New Room For Scout

A rainbow, alphabet themed bedroom for our three year old

Those were Scout's requests when we asked him what he wanted for his new, bigger bedroom. Our plans to move the office downstairs, meant that the second largest bedroom of the house would be free. Instead of filling it with junk, we decided it was only fair to move Scout into a bigger room, leaving the small bedroom free for our weights bench (and some junk.)

When we asked Scout what he wanted for his new room, all he said were the words 'rainbow' and 'letters'. Which in a way, worked out perfectly; because really I didn't want to paint the room any colour other than white. I knew that repainting the old magnolia would take some time, so I wanted to paint it a colour that would be suitable for a quick touch up when we finally leave this rented property. 

A rainbow, alphabet themed bedroom for our three year old

A rainbow, alphabet themed bedroom for our three year old
His requests were easy to fulfil, and with the bits and pieces we already owned, we ended up only spending just over £100. Which, for a totally new bedroom, I think was a pretty good deal. The main focal point for the room was the rug; I found it on Amazon (actually everything was from Amazon) for only £60. It's absolutely massive at 2m x 2m, and is basically Scout in rug form. Rainbows, letters, numbers, it has it all. This was the most expensive piece we got, and I would have happily paid more for it.

The other piece we really wanted to get our hands on, were these alphabet wall decals. The company I found creates them in 3 different sizes, so we chose the biggest in hopes that they would fill the space above the picture rail. Luckily, they do just that. After filling the top of one wall, we've now decided that over the next couple of months, we're going to get some numbers too. The company we got them from also does custom orders, so another idea we've had would be to see if they can do punctuation marks and shapes for us too. That way we can do a complete border around the top of the room.

A rainbow, alphabet themed bedroom for our three year old
A rainbow, alphabet themed bedroom for our three year old

Other items purchased for his new big boy bedroom included posters with the alphabet, numbers to 100 and the world mapHooks for the back of his door to hang his monster costumes. (Although, we did receive a different colour way to the one we actually ordered. I just couldn't be bothered to send it back, and it still kind of works.) And a new bean bag chair to go inside his playhouse/reading den. Unfortunately during the move around, I had discovered that one of the cats had taken a liking to his old one, and no amount of washing was going to get the smell of cat pee out of it.

I thought he'd have some trouble settling into his new, bigger room; but I actually think it has somewhat helped break the nightmare cycle he had gotten himself into in his small room. Every morning I'm welcomed with a 'I LOVE MY NEW BEDROOM!' It's the best thing ever and I'm so glad that he loves it as much as I do. Another bonus to this little move, is that he now has space to play in his own room. He's already asked to be in there twice this week, whereas usually he'd be downstairs every waking hour. It's lovely, because it means that he can independently play, I can watch him on his camera from downstairs, and get a little bit of work done at the same time!

I'm just wondering when the novelty is going to wear off.

A rainbow, alphabet themed bedroom for our three year old
If the photos aren't enough, why not take a look at the little video tour below.

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