My Social Media Break

My Social Media Break - Two weeks without social media to help my mental health. The view of the lake from the crazy golf course at the farm.

A few weeks have passed, and I can now officially say that I'm back from my social media break. I had originally chosen to go quiet for a couple of weeks, but last week decided that I'd stretch it a little more, because I was actually really enjoying it.

At the beginning of my break, I thought it would be a good idea to make notes throughout the time away; as a little diary if you will. I spent a lot of my time trying to do little things that I had been putting off, and finishing jobs around the house that I had barely even begun. I'd be lying if I said I didn't check social media, because I did, but I didn't post and didn't feel so attached to it by the end of the few weeks.

I'm probably repeating a lot of things in this intro that I've already written below, so I here is how my little brain coped with a life not so filled with social media.

Wednesday 16th August -
Only yesterday I wore about my decision to take a break from social media, and can you believe I am already feeling so much better. Maybe it's just a good day, maybe it's all a bit of a placebo. Either way, I've dropped Scout off at nursery, and decided to have a complete morning for me.

Pampering myself isn't something I give myself time for. I also end up feeling awful when I realise I actually look like a grub. So today, I'm dying my hair pink again, tinting my eyebrows, using my teeth whitening strips and pampering my skin.

As for the no social media; I checked Twitter and the like this morning, and resisted the urge to post a pointless status. Since then, I haven't really felt the need to check it again.

Saturday 19th August - 
I stayed in bed all morning, this morning. The boys went into town to have breakfast with Liam's Dad, and I literally stayed in bed until 1pm. It was so needed. The weather's been crappy, so I spent the afternoon painting our bathroom and cleaning bits and bobs. I actually felt really good today, and have only checked social media a little bit here and there. I think the things I'm missing most is posting statuses about my feelings, because sometimes it's the only outlet I have; even if no one cares.

Monday 21st August - 
I'm struggling today. I woke up and felt the extreme dread of another week by myself. I'm so lonely. I broke down tonight, I think I cried so much that my eyes were just dry, sore prunes by the end of it. On the flip side though, I think it's given me a bit of a kick up the arse to stop making excuses for myself. I can't actually expect things to get better if I don't change anything. Right?

Tuesday 22nd August - 
It's Liam's working from home day today, so we went out for breakfast. I've woken up with a massive headache, but also a drive to get my life together. I don't want to break down crying every week like I have been. I want to feel a drive to achieve things, I want to feel somewhat fulfilled in life. So far today, I've spent very little time scrolling through twitter and instagram; instead I've been research SEO tips and tricks to try and get a little bit more in the know for when I decide to come back. It's amazing how inspired I'm feeling right now.

Saturday 26th August - 
Scout went to his grandparents today, so Liam and I spent the majority of our day running back and forth from B&Q. We've finally finished the front garden!! It's no longer a boggy weed haven, instead it's clean and gravelled, and now very easy to manage. I also became an Aunty again today. My little brother welcomed his third daughter (they didn't find out the gender with this one) into the world. She's chunky and looks just like her sisters, and I'm sure my brother is going to have his hands full.

Sunday 27th August - 
In the last few days we've made some pretty big life decisions and I've started to try and figure out my plan for going ahead. Up until now, I feel like I've been ok on the depression side, but today I felt like I just needed to sleep. I got super snappy and had no idea why I was so grumpy, so I just took myself off to bed for the afternoon. It does mean that I'm wide awake now though, but I'm going to try and start a new routine tomorrow, so I really could do with sleeping at least a little tonight. I'm not sure when I'm going to 'come back' to social media and the likes yet. My original plan was to be posting again on the first week of September, but now I'm thinking it'll be the second. I've really enjoyed the lack of pressure I put on myself and I want to find a way to carry that into the future, even when I do decide to create content again.

My Social Media Break - Two weeks without social media to help my mental health. Playing crazy golf at the farm.

Monday 28th August - 
We went to a little local farm today, and it's been one of the most enjoyable days I've had in a long time. It was nice to completely zone out, enjoy some sunshine and see my little boy smile over the simplest of things.

Friday 1st September (! Wasn't it Christmas like a week ago?) - 
I've not updated all week because we've all had a bit of a cold. Each of us have dealt with different parts of the same virus, and it's been a made the week long and boring. On the plus side, Liam took an extra day off today because of it and we got a few things done. Today has been the first day that I've really wanted to get back to creating content. I don't know where it's come from, but I'm actually excited about it all; so maybe I won't be extending my little break by another week.

Saturday 2nd September - 
Ok, so I did it. This morning, I sat and filmed my little update/comeback video for youtube, edited it and set it scheduled for tomorrow. I'm also writing this little entry for this post with a plan to publish it at the same time in the morning. I feel like I've really turned a corner, and we've had another lovely afternoon at the park, enjoying ice-creams. I feel like without so much attachment to my phone/computer, I've really started to enjoy my family again. Something I felt was really lacking before hand. I've kind of regained the ability to find fun in the small things, and I've found myself laughing and smiling a lot more, instead of comparing myself to others and putting myself down.

My Social Media Break - Two weeks without social media to help my mental health. Eating ice-creams at the park.

Sunday 3rd September - 
In conclusion to this pretty long post. I feel like the time has come to find a love for my hobby again. The plan is to keep it as that for now, and I'm not putting any pressure on myself to do what others are doing/post regularly/have super high quality images. Yes, the last two would probably help the blog grow, but what I really want is to feel the excitement of publishing new posts again. To enjoy writing about things I love, and to also share when I'm having a really tough time.

I don't want to ramble about it too much in the end of this post, because quite frankly, if you have watched today's video, you will be sick of hearing the same things again. But if you haven't seen it, just know that this break has massively helped my mental health. I feel like sometimes we have to disconnect once in a while to find what really makes us happy. So much of our lives nowadays are online, and I'd forgotten what it was like not to be so reliant on it.

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