My Tanning Holy Grails

Fake tanning isn't something I've always done. In fact it didn't really appeal to me until the last couple of years. I've tried many products in that time; from foams and lotions, to gradual tans and instant sprays. Until recently, I've never found something that made me say wow. Nothing that made me want to stick with that brand and continue to use it.

Bondi Sands has become that brand for me. Obviously they have quite the reputation and their instagram is filled with bronzed beauties. 

The first product I tried from them was the Liquid Gold tanning oil. At first I wasn't convinced by it; maybe that was down to make lack of tanning experience, maybe I just didn't really know how to apply it, maybe I hadn't exfoliated enough; I did turn out bronzed, patchy, but bronzed. From that first attempt, it stayed unloved in my product drawer. That is, until I tried out another one of their products. 

The Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk has become my absolute saviour. The lotion does exactly what it say on the bottle. I can apply this every night if I want to build a cracking deep bronze tan, or every few days to keep a nice little bit of sunkissed colour in my skin. Being a gradual tanner, I find it doesn't stick terribly to my dry knees. (My problem area, no matter how much I scrub them them are always dry. I blame years of kneeling on the floor stocking shelves.) The lotion also sinks into the skin very quickly, meaning I don't have to spend hours after application feeling like a tacky mess. 
The lotion doesn't have a guide colour, so I usually apply using a tanning mitt; just to make sure I get an even smooth coverage and no weird streaks. It works a charm. 

Because I've had so much luck with the gradual lotion, I decided to dig out the oil one more time. This time, I applied it after day one of the lotion. I already had a little hint of colour in my skin, and maybe because I had had a little more practice with the mitt, this time it turned out pretty amazing. Application was smooth, drying time wasn't bad either. The Liquid Gold has a slight guide colour so you can see any spots you've missed. On top of slightly tanned skin, it's slightly easier to see. I woke up to a stunned looking Liam, and a cracking tan. Ok, so I'd gone a little but heavy handed around my wrists, but after a little scrub, they didn't look that bad. 

I can see myself using Bondi Sands for a long time. I have such a trust in the fact that they won't turn me into an oopma loompa, I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try anything from a different brand. I don't use the products every single day; sometimes I will lust after beach goddess like skin and use it for a month, sometimes I'll just have a two day tan. But it is always one of these two products that I use. 

As I'm writing this I'm rocking my natural pale skin, so I think I know what I'm doing tonight....

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