Freida's Supercharged Food Bars

Super Charged oat and seed bar with goji and fennel
If you're trying to concieve, pregnant, or breastfeeding and trying to add a little more of the good stuff to your diet; Freida's Pantry may be able to help you out. 

Whilst I was breastfeeding Scout, I found it really difficult to get in the calories, and nutrients I needed to help produce a good amount of milk to feed him. Had I known about the super tasty snack bars from this wonderful Mama run business, I probably would have stocked my cupboards full.

With a choice of three bars, Freida's Pantry caters for every aspect of your journey to motherhood. 

The Super Charger Oat & Seed Bar, with Maca and Chia bar is perfect for a pre-pregnancy snack. Each bar contains nine different grains, nuts and seeds to help give you an energy boost when you need it. The added ingredients of maca and goji are traditionally used to support fertility, and may give your body a little helping hand when trying for that new addition to your family. 

The Feeding Food bar is packed with flax and fennel is perfect for post birth recovery, and any mamas giving breastfeeding a go. With a good amount of Omega 3 and 6, these bars will help combats that I've not slept in a week tiredness, and as a source of good fats, they're a healthier way to help boost milk production. 

The Super Charged Oat & Seed bar, with Goji and Fennel bar is the delicious bar I have been sent to try out. Full of nourishment for new and busy mums, this is something I could have really done with in the first few month's of Scout's life. As with the others, these are perfect for on the go or grabbing a quick snack when you feel like you need an energy boost. 

Super Charged oat and seed bar with goji and fennel
All bars are handmade using ethically sourced ingredients, contain all the good stuff, and no additives or preservatives. They are both dairy & wheat free, and also Vegan/Vegetarian. 

The bars are just enough to get in a quick snack when you need one, they're filling and incredibly tasty. The Super Charged Goji and Fennel bar is soft and chewy with a little bit of crunch. I've been grabbing for these in those moments when my little hurricane isn't giving me a moment to think, let alone make myself some grub; and I've found they've kept me going until I do get a moments peace. One thing I love about this bar in particular is it isn't super sweet and sickly like some snack bars can be. The ingredients do contain golden syrup, but it's just enough to give a little something to go with the nuts and seeds. The stand out flavour to me in this bar is the fennel; it's not something I would usually pick for myself, but I've found I actually really enjoy it. 

Had I know about these two years ago, I would have stocked up. I would love to have seen how much the feeding food bar would have helped with my terrible milk supply. 

I would honestly reccomend these to anyone wanting a little energy boost, they are after all better for you than a couple of chocolate biscuits. 

If you do want to try them out for yourself, or to find out any more information about the story behind Freida's Pantry head over to their website Alternatively, you can pick these up in the likes of Whole Foods, Ocado and Superdrug.


  1. I haven't seen these yet but I'm obsessed with energy bars (says someone who ate 1.5 chocolate bars in a day - and I don't mean Snickers, I mean full on Galaxy). I'll pick these up next time I see them! xx

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  3. Hey I messaged you on depop! Hope you're still active? X


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