It's been two months since I posted about the changes coming to Gypsy Flower. About how I felt inspired to start afresh. Well, since then life has continued to be as hectic as ever, and the new Gypsy Flower site has had to be put on the back burner, and other work commitments have had to come first.

As much as I'm really looking forward to sharing a new and sparkly site with you guys, I'm reeaaaalllly missing writing content. So, I'm going to bring it back to life over here for a little while. Eventually we will move over to wordpress, and things will look all clean and fancy, but until then I'll stick with what I know.

With Christmas coming up, I want to share wish lists and gift guides, festive crafts and recipes.
It's going to take me a couple of weeks to back back into the swing of posting, so it may not be 100% regular, but I hope you can bare with me on that.

What can I say, I tried to take a break, but I just can't stop for longer than a couple of months.

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