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'I'm currently feeling the overwhelming urge to delete the majority of posts from gypsyflower.co.uk. I have over 500 posts on there, 5 years of work; but I've really struggled to grow the blog since Scout was born and I feel like I need a fresh start. People don't read my content currently (if and when I actually post something new) and new followers on platforms such as bloglovin' are just unheard of. I just don't want to regret deleting it all. 

I've been feeling really low recently. I don't feel like I have any purpose, I don't feel fulfilled, and I miss having a hobby I'm proud of. Once upon a time I could picture the blog being a source of income for me, but that isn't the case right now.
I'm desperately trying to not let myself fall into depression again, and I feel like this may be a good place to start. I need to start making time for me and my passions again, and saying fuck it to the housework once in a while.'

About a week ago, I posted this on Instagram. After watching Louise Pentland's recent youtube video about changing the direction of her channel, it got me thinking. I miss my blog. I miss sitting down and creating content that I'm proud of. I've been so uninspired recently, and honestly the whole 'blogger pressure' has gotten to me.

I've written these kinds of posts over and over, and I knew something had to change. So I did exactly what I said I would do on Instagram; I deleted half of my old posts and started this mission to start afresh. Looking back through all of my posts, I remembered what it felt like to want to blog daily, not because I felt pressured, but just because; because I loved doing it, I had ideas and I didn't really mind if people read what I was writing or not. I feel like the old school blogging days are gone and everything is very professional and crisp now. I don't know how many more posts I will delete, but I feel like I need to wipe the slate completely clean, so they may all go completely. I would very much like to keep with the times, so Liam is going to be working on a new website for me over the next few months, and during that time I'm going to focus on writing content and working on pieces that I can get excited about posting. There won't be much going on over here until the new site is launched, so if you want to keep up with what's going on in my little world, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel. I'm going to try and get my mojo back for that too. 

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  1. And I only just rediscovered you! I used to read your blog when you started and then it stayed on GFC when Bloglovin took over and I never managed to get back to those blogs (sorry!). I literally followed you again yesterday:) Don't delete your blog posts, just shove them somewhere to the archive, so much work has gone into them!

    Hope you feel better & don't stop blogging, it's a lovely hobby and it would be a shame because your blog is ace:) xx

    Cityscape Bliss // Magic of The Alchemist


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