Illamasqua Vanitas Rose Gold Palette

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A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win this beautiful eyeshadow palette in a competition being run by network Palette Official. (Make sure you sign up here.)

The eyeshadows are set in a beautiful casing of rose gold foil-y goodness. The palette itself is strong and sturdy, with a magnetic closure. That closure could challenge the strongest of person, and you'd have no worries about to spontaneously opening in your makeup bag. 

beauty, illamasqua, vanitas, rose gold, palette, eyeshadows, review, gypsyflower

The Vanitas collection was inspired by the dark romance of 17th century still life paintings.  Inside are the twelve shadows, ranging from soft neutrals, to deep purples and that stunning orange shade. You really are spoilt for choice with this one. The top row is perfect for those everyday looks, whereas the bottom row will really help pack a punch for the evening.

What really surprised me with this palette, was the pigmentation of these shadows. Even the lightest shades looks exactly like they do in pan, on the lid. These shadows are beautiful, buttery and incredibly easy to blend; the shimmers give just enough shimmer, without looking like a glitter ball spewed on your face, and the mattes are consistent and not patchy in the slightest.

beauty, illamasqua, vanitas, rose gold, palette, eyeshadows, review, gypsyflower,ShadesSlink - Stealth - Servant - Vernau - Bronx Wolf  
 Forgiveness - Fist - Rim Tango - Terra - Obsidian 

Slink is a beautiful champagne shimmer shade. This is my favourite for an inner corner highlight.

Stealth is described as a buttermilk shade, and I couldn't think of a better word to use. It's a very soft off white matte that looks great along the brow bone.

Servant is a slightly warm toned neutral. I've generally been using this an an all over shade before applying other colours on top. It really helps those other shadows to blend.

Vernau is one of my favourites. This matte shade makes the ideal crease transition shade; and the fact that it is more of a yellow ochre, rather than a warm brown makes a nice change to the norm.

Bronx is the perfect bronze gold shimmer shade that is very much trending at the moment. It is stunning and soft, and add a little bit of something special to a warm smokey eye.

Wolf is described as a chocolate brown, although I find it to be a little more of a deep taupe. Beautiful nonetheless. I love to use this to deepen up the outer corner.

Forgiveness is the first of the purple shades. This one is a taupe-y mauve plum, described as a 'chocolate plum'.  It's a very unique shade; so beautiful and soft.

Fist is a true deep plum; a pure dark purple shade that looks amazing smoked out along the lower lash line.

Rim is a 'black coffee' shade. Again, it's very unique, giving a mixture of purple and brown tones.

Tango is like Bronx's big sister shade. This is a beautiful rich copper bronze shimmer. It is stunning packed onto the eyelid.

Terra is most certainly the stand out shade of the palette. A true Earth clay red, it is so so pigmented. I think this will be a favourite for many, and it most definitely is for me.

Obsidian is a rich black that is almost a staple for every eyeshadow palette. Whether you like a really smoked out eye look, or a softly lined lash line, this one is perfect.

This palette retails for £44, which works out at just over £3.60 a shadow. You are very much getting what you pay for here, and if you are in the market for a 'can do everything' kind of palette, I would highly recommend this one. I've played around with this a few times since receiving it, and the shadows have staying power which last right through to the end of the day.

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