The Blog/Mum/Life Struggle

I've wanted to write a post on this subject for a while., and I've constantly put it off in fear that I would just come across as a moaning Myrtle.
Scout is now two years old, how it happened, I'm not quite sure; but in the past two years, I have really struggled with the blogger/mum/life balance. I've been through all kinds of thoughts and emotions, and I feel like it may be time to knuckle down and find some structure again.

I've become a little bit of a green eyed monster when it comes to the blogging world. I've watched bloggers who started around the same time as me become successful, and 'popular'. I actually hate that word. I don't think I would ever want to be so popular that people would recognise me when I'm out doing mundane life things. But, five years into my blogging journey, I'm practically still at square one. Before Scout was born, PR companies and brands were just starting to want to work with me, my page views were (albeit very slowly) increasing, and I felt happy with were I was.

In the past two years I have posted incredibly inconsistently. I've had huge bouts of motivation and inspiration for it, followed with feelings of wanting to delete Gypsy Flower and pretend it never existed.

I've really struggled with having enough time; and I'm sure every parent feels the same way. I spend most of my days running around after my firecracker of a child, or cleaning/tidying/cooking/doing washing. I've lost my sense of self.
I don't really know who I am anymore apart from house looker after-er and Mama.

Liam and I talked the other day, and he feels the same. Only you can replace the house stuff with work. We've both lost our hobby time and this is something we both feel like we need to get back.

Scout being in nursery two days a week now is something that's massively helping in my quest for 'me time.' I've vowed not to focus on chores, and take that time for Gypsy Flower stuff.
So, with that time, I'm now working from the bottom. I feel as though I may as well be totally new on the blog scene, and I need to get Gyspy Flower out there. Plans for a design spruce up are in the works, and I'm trying to get ahead on post writing to help with scheduling. I need to improve my photography skills, practise writing again.

My goal is to be happy with my progress by Christmas. I'd love for my readership to grow a little, and finally get some of the writer/reader interaction that I crave.

What I'd love from you guys, how ever little of you there are, is to let me know your preferences.
Let me know in the comments below what's important to you for a blog post. Do you enjoy large images? Lots to read? Posts that are quick and snappy?
Where do you like to read blog posts? Directly on the blog, or through sources such as bloglovin'?

I've got a lot of catching up to do, and a lot of work ahead of me, so please bare with me if the content is a little slow to begin with, I've got a lot to get to grips with again.


  1. I'm so glad you're making a come back!
    I much prefer to read directly from a blog because I tend to read them on my phone when I'm on the bus or in the car. Bloglovin' makes it so complicated on mobile for some reason.
    Also, depending on the post I like a little of everything. Outfit, day in the life or food posts need loads of large images and little text but things like updates and life posts need lots of texts and few images.
    To be fair, you're so relatable I'd read anything you post.

    Katie | (my minuscule corner of the internet)


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