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Late last year I started trying out some new hair products. With a best friend with a Salon Supplies (Sally's) card, I discovered the wonder of Maria Nila. My first toe dip into the vegan hair product world was with the Structure Repair Masque, and I was incredibly impressed. 

beauty, shampoo, conditioner, maria nila, review, hair,

The shampoo and conditioner from the same line has again, not disappointed.
Being blonde, of course my hair is damaged and can need all the help it can get when it comes to keeping healthy. Now, I don't believe you can 'repair' hair once it has been damaged; but I do believe that you can use products to improve the overall feel and appearance of your barnet.

The shampoo is great if you're in need of something with super cleaning power. This will strip any product build up in your hair, leaving it super squeaky clean. Although this is a shampoo, it's still rich and moisturising, and doesn't leave your hair feeling dry and stringy.

The conditioner is nourishing, non greasy and easy to wash out. There's nothing worse than the residue of a stubborn conditioner, left in your hair after hopping out of the shower. The formula isn't super thick either, meaning you don't feel the need to use double the amount you would of shampoo. My hair is bra band length and I can usually use 4 pumps to cover entirely. Saying that, the pumps don't really give you much product in one go, so four pumps may sound like a lot, but in reality it isn't.

beauty, shampoo, conditioner, maria nila, review, hair,

My hair has really benefitted from using these products. It's been much more manageable, shinier and has been growing like a weed; which is something that never happened before I started using these products. These giant bottles cost me the best part of £20, but I have been using the same ones for the past five months, with an average of two hair washes a week. We all know how much we hate washing our hair, right?

So is there a downside to using a vegan shampoo & conditioner? Not really. The only thing I can think of is the fact that by day three, my hair really needs a wash. I'm not totally sure that I can put this down to the products though; I just don't remember it being like this before. 
Saying that, I would much prefer to use these products and deal with slightly greasier hair, than using products that test on those poor animals.  

If you can get your hands on any of the Maria Nila range, I would highly recommend it. They do plenty to choose from; from this Structure Repair range to the Luminous Colour range. They also make incredible colour refresh masks.

When I have finished these bottles, I shall be trying out the Sheer Silver option to (hopefully) keep my blonde looking bright. I'm also very eager to try out the dry shampoo. Both of which, I will post reviews on in due course.

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