Vegan Tuck Box - The Health Kick Box

Vegan Tuck Box - The Health Kick Box

I recently posted a video featuring a fab box full of food from Vegan Tuck Box.If you're not one for videos, or just haven't watched it yet; let me fill you in. 

Vegan Tuck Box is a monthly subscription service for amazing snack/food boxes like the one above. As the name suggests, the food items are all vegan friendly, which instantly made me want to try them. 

Vegan Tuck Box - The Health Kick Box

Before committing to a monthly subscription, I wanted to test the waters and see what kind of items you are likely to receive. I decided to go with the Health kick one off box, which contained twelve foodie goodies for me to try. If you have watched my video, then you will already know that I was pretty impressed and loved most of the items.
There was a great selection of savoury and sweet things, and all of which were great sized items.

My favourite item of the box was most definitely the olives. I know you can get olives anywhere, but these were super tasty. I also loved the Provamel rice coconut drink, which I am certainly going to be buying more of.

As a first impression, I was very impressed with how much you got for your money. I paid £12 plus postage for my box; but since I made my purchase, they have reduced the price to £10. I'm not sure if that means you will now get less items, but I would still say it is great value for money, and I still have a couple of items sitting in my snack cupboard. (Writing this has reminded me that I still need to try those oats!)

The health kick box has left me wanting more, so I think I shall be subscribing for a monthly box on pay day. I'm excited at the prospect of chocolatey goodies and other items that I wouldn't normally pick up myself. I think as a new vegan, services like this are a fab way to explore foods you haven't tried before, and teach you to broaden you food horizons a little bit.

If you want to try out a one of box, or maybe even subscribe to Vegan Tuck Box yourself, you can do here. 

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