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Contour powders - Break up & Infidelity

Beauty bay, oh how you will make me poor one day. 

I recently picked up two of the somewhat new contour powders from Make-up Geek; and with my huge love of the eyeshadows, and I had big expectations for these. 

The shades I purchased were both from the cool side of the range; Break up and Infidelity are the two lighter shades, which I though would be great for my light complexion. The shades are very much cool, which I was pleasantly surprised at. I cannot tell you how many times I have purchased something 'cool' toned to find that it is still quite orange.

Break up, the lighter shade of the two, is the perfect contour shade for me. It gives a fab illusion of a shadow, and doesn't make me look muddy. Infidelity, I find verging a little on the dark side. I feel like there is quite the jump between the two shades, and although it is still pretty cool toned, I do find this one can make me look a little dirty. I feel like if I had a tan, this would be a much better fit for my complexion. 

Contour powders - Break up & Infidelity

Pay off wise, these contour powders are fantastic, but go in with a little caution and a very light hand as they are they are very messy. The softest touch of a brush can send powder everywhere. This is not something I was aware of upon first use, and I ended up having to take my makeup off and start again. There was no amount of blending that would fix the big old splodge of brown on my face.

Price wise, I would say that these powders are a steal. You can purchase each pan, which are a very good size, for £7.95 over on Beauty Bay. They retail for $10 in the US.
They beauty of these products, as with most of the Make Up Geek products, is that they are compatible with a magnetic palette, such as the Z palette. I'm still yet to purchase on for my shadows etc, but I am very much looking forward to creating my own custom palette.

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