It's National Stationery Week!

National Stationery Week.
A week where letter writers, scrapbookers, planning junkies and all round stationery lovers unite.

This year I have been lucky enough to have been involved a little. If you haven't already seen, I posted a stationery first impressions a few weeks ago. As a notebook lover, if felt like quite the treat to be sent to goodies to review.

National Stationery Week - Stationery first impressions video thumbnail

During National Stationery Week each day has a different theme; so each day I will be sharing a post somewhat dedicated to that theme. I shall also be using a few of the suggested hashtags over on Twitter.

I feel like this week will somewhat reignite my passion for being creative. I feel like it's lost it's spark a little, and I haven't been doing things such as using my planners, as much as I used to. Life is so technology based these days (lord, typing that made me feel super old) that it's nice to sit with a pen and paper once in a while. 

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If you do want to get involved yourself, here are some the hashtags that people will be using during the week. I did in fact forget the most important one, so if you are tweeting about National Stationery Week, make sure to use the hashtag #NATSTATWEEK.

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