A Look Into My Planner - #NatStatWeek

Apologies for lack of promised National Stationery Week posts. Life has totally gotten in the way, but I'm hoping I can redeem myself a little before the week is over. 

This evening, I wanted to share a little peek into my Blog/Youtube planner. 
The planner I'm currently using is a yellow Dokibook, unlike the caramel Webster's pages I was using last year. I upgraded to A5 because I felt like I really did need the extra space. 

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(This week in my planner - and a sneaky look at what else I will try and post this week.)

I searched high and low for inserts that I felt would be a fit for me, and came to the conclusion that I loved the Carpe Diem pages. The only problem was, was that they only came with the planners, which are leather.
Luckily for me, I'm part of a fab planner group on Facebook, and a lovely lady let me have her unused ones for  a few pounds. The pages are thick, high quality paper; and the writing space is great.

Most weeks, I like to simply plan out which blog posts and videos I would like to achieve. A lot of the time, much like this week, they aren't always achievable. In this case, I would normally just carry them across onto the following week. This week has put a big halt on filming, so I may just put my video ideas into blog posts instead.
As you can see, I have dedicated blog and Youtube stickers (purchased here) which help me quickly visualise which days are which. As a general rule, I also like to use camera stickers of some sort for days I intend to film, and little laptops for the days in which I'd like to check my emails and make sure I haven't missed anything important.

Decorating my pages is also something I very much enjoy. Some weeks are quite simple and plain, and others are busy and fun. It just depends on how I'm feeling. Getting a new colour printer has meant that most weeks will be fun and colourful from now on though, because I can print stickers at home! Woo! Any planner addict knows how life changing that is.

monthly view, dokibook yellow, caper diem inserts, national stationery week, natstatweek,

I like to use my monthly views as a tweet log. It's the one place I can see which posts/videos I have shared during the month. This also means I can see how good, or bad I have have been at posting regularly. I'm hoping to see some more filled boxes in the next coming months, now Scout is starting nursery.

At the back of my planner, I have some plain note pages for ideas. They aren't pretty, and they really aren't anything ground breaking either, hence the no photos.

Many people love the Erin Condren planners, but I feel like the space is a little limiting, and this works out pretty well for me. I would normally try and plan out my week on a Sunday evening, and I'll take it from there. Using a planner has really helped me get back onto the blogging wagon, albeit very slowly, and I don't think I could use any form of planning tool again. After all, you can't beat a good paper and pen.

If you're a blogger yourself, I'd love to know how you plan out your posts. Leave me a comment below.

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