The Birthday Wishlist

So here it is. The annual birthday wish list. I feel like this year is much like most; these are generally things I have my eye on, that I would buy for myself at some point. 

This year I thought I would split it into three categories; beauty, books and fashion.

For beauty, I'm really wanting to try more products from the brands I have started using recently; and I'm always on the hunt for a holy grail foundation. Lip products are something I feel like I'm missing options with now. Most of my collection found new homes when I went cruelty free, and this makes me sad. 

I've all of a sudden found a love for books. I've never been a big reader, but it's always something I've loved to do on the odd occasion. I think I need to just find books that interest me, and it may just take place of my evening glued to my phone time. 

As always, I'm working on renewing my wardrobe. Above are just a few pieces I'm loving; including a new pair of glasses. Note to self - Cheap online glasses do not last very long, and they will scratch and fall apart. This is something Liam and I have both discovered this year, and I now have my eyes on these Ace & Tate beauties. Geddit, geddit...Sorry.

There is so much more I could have added to this list. I have a real urge to spend money at the minute, which is not ideal when you really want to buy a house in the future. So, here's holding out a little birthday treat or two. 

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