What I'm Taking In My Hand Luggage

This time next week, I will be sunning myself in beautiful Calpe.
My mum and I booked a little last minute 4 day trip to Spain, because we both felt like we needed a bit of a break from the gloomy British weather we've been having recently. 

Because we decided to book only a month in advance, we also decided to go more budget than we usually would, and booked hand luggage only. This seemed like such a daunting task to me; the 10kg weight limit and the liquids through security situation, but after educating myself on how it all works, it didn't seem so scary. 

So what have I packed beauty product wise for my trip abroad? 
Let me fill you in.

brow pencil, tinted moisturiser, liquid lipsticks, mascara, concealer, blotting stick.

Cosmetics - Liquids (To go in my clear ziplock bag.)
Over half of my liquid make-up items I am taking with me, aren't going to be making the trip home. I took the opportunity to use up for of the non cruelty free products I still have lying around, and purchase new one once I get home.
I decided to pick up a new eyebrow pencil from GOSH as an alternative to my pot of Maybelline colour tattoo. (Which will also be binned soon.) I figured it would be lighter to carry, and I'm not too sure on how often I'm going to want to rock super heavy defined brows whilst I'm in the sun.
The absolution tinted moisturiser, Maybelline mascara, Collection concealer and Benefit sample are the unlucky ones that will be binned at the end of my trip. A couple of things are at the end of their life, and the others aren't cruelty free.
As for lips, I decided to take liquid lipsticks with me, as I'd be pretty bummed if one of my lipsticks melted in the (fingers crossed) heat. I chose both a nude and a red, and I'll also be taking a lip balm for when I'm going au naturel.

Face powder, eyeshadows, blush, bronzerCosmetics - In My Make-Up Bag
Again, a couple of these things won't be coming home with me. 
The benefit powder, I've had for a very long time and isn't the best match. It'll probably be fine if I get a little bit of colour in my skin, but then it's bye bye to that. 
The Pop eyeshadow palette is stunning, but as you can probably see, it is crumbling, so again, although there are some great colours, I won't be bringing that home. The gold pigment is just a sample size and thought would be the ideal all over lid shade. I'm not sure as to what the actual brand is though. 
The balm Balm Desert bronzer is one of my favourites. I have the full size of this, so I am in two minds if this will come home with me or not; but it's the ideal size to take with me and the colour will help give my face a bit more of a sunkissed glow. Although I'm hoping I don't need it. 
Blush wise, again another sample, this one I will be bringing home. I love the rich dusty rose shade that this is, and I believe Lord & Berry are cruelty free.

shampoo, conditioner, suncream, toothpaste, shower gel, moisturiser, makeup removing wipes, deodorant wipes

This section includes both the rest of my liquids, and a couple of packets of wipes I purchased to minimise what I was taking.
Of course I need things like shampoo and conditioner. I'm currently using the Maria Nila Repair range. There will be a blog post on that soon. I am also taking 100ml of suncream, of which I will purchase more whilst I'm out there if needs be.
The other bits include a travel size toothpaste, shower gel, sea salt mist and a teeny tiny pot of my current moisturiser.
I have read that wet wipes don't count towards your liquids allowance and don't need to go in your ziplock bag, so I went ahead and bought some micellar wipes to remove my face in the evenings. I know, I know, wipes are bad; but I figured for a few days it wouldn't hurt.
I also picked up a packet of deodorant wipes too, I have absolutely no idea how good they are, sooooo I may be a smelly soul until I find somewhere to purchase some out there.

If there is anything I have missed out that I may need, please let me know. I'm so excited to finally leave the UK for a little while. I haven't been away for over five years, so this break is much, much needed.

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