My Vegan Journey So Far

Oh, hey. So I don't think it's any secret by now that I went Vegan on the 3rd of January. I mean, I've pretty much been going on about it non stop. 
I recently posted a little video with a bit of an update about how this new lifestyle of mine is going; and I thought it would be a great idea to put it into words for those of you who don't watch my videos.

So far I haven't found the transition difficult. I have been vegetarian and pescetarian in the past, and the only thing I thought I would really have trouble with is the dairy side of things. There are many 'meat' alternatives out there and they are becoming more and more easily accessible, as more people are turning to veganism. Most supermarkets will do something vegan of their one brand, in one form or another; Tesco vegetable fingers are great for something quick. My favourite brand discoveries so far thought have to be the likes of Linda McCartney (be careful though, not all products are vegan,) and Fry's Family. The 'chicken' burgers are just perfect.

Milk is another thing I have't really struggled with. I've taken to using soya milk in pretty much everything, and have just started to introduce the likes of almond milk for coffee etc. I did not know that soya milk curdles, and it's pretty gross when it does.

Now, cheese. I love me some cheese.
I started off by trying the Tesco own brand 'free from' cheeses. The hard blocks of which are soya based and are pretty gritty in texture. They just didn't sit right with me. The cheddar style soft cheese though is amazing, and will melt into a runny sauce with just a few seconds in the microwave. Hello, nachos! The other brands I have tried are Violife and Vegusto. Both are totally different in flavour and texture, but both pretty good. Now, none of this cheese tastes spot on to me, but they are a pretty good alternative. The Vegusto melty is rather amazing in paninis, and grated on top of pizzas. It doesn't spread and toast like regular cheese, but it tastes so good. Until I discovered that, I was eating cheese-less pizza, and I was beginning to miss it.

So, what do I miss? EGGS! My goodness, I didn't think I would miss anything, but almost two months into this diet change, and I'm dying for something that resembles scrambled egg. I've tried scrambled tofu, but so far everything I've tried has not tickled my pickle, and I have allll of my digits crossed that the Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg comes to the UK pretty darn fast.
If you're reading this and know of anything else that would stop the eggy cravings, please let me know.

Going vegan is always something I wanted to do, but never thought I could. I have proved myself so very wrong it's great, and so far I've lost half a stone and haven't gained anymore weight like I was before eating all the 'bad' stuff.  I have found that I am eating a lot more carbs than I should be; bread being my biggest friend at the moment, but I am slowly trying to add more fruit and veg into my diet now.
One thing I have learnt is to ALWAYS read the ingredients. Something you may think would be fine, will usually contain hidden milk/whey.

Since being vegan, I have also inspired Liam to go vegetarian. I never thought this would happen, but I am so proud of him for giving up something he actually really enjoys eating. As for Scout, we have decided that until he is old enough to make his own decisions, he will continue to eat meat and dairy products. Personally, I don't think it's fair to take that choice away from him, but I shall be educating him as he grows up as to why Mummy and Daddy don't eat meat. Until then, on our lazy days, he will have things such as fish fingers, chicken drummers etc. You know, the usual kid friendly Mummy's pulled her hair out all day kind of foods.

I am so glad that I have decided to take this step, not only for my health, but for the environment too. There are so many other aspects to being vegan that I am slowly learning about and trying to incorporate into my life, but for now the diet and choosing to use cruelty free (although not always vegan) make-up has been a great step for me.

If you are reading this and can recommend some great vegan foods/recipes, please do. I'm always on the hunt for new animal friendly tasties!
If you want to know what I'm eating, you can follow my 'weightloss' instagram account @gypsyflower_healthyme

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