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With 2016 well under way, I've started thinking about the things I'd like to achieve this year. I feels like most years I just float on through, taking it as it comes, and this usually leaves me feeling a little unaccomplished by the end of the year. So what better way to make sure that doesn't happen, but to write out 17 goals to fulfil before we greet 2017.

1 - Get Scout into nursery.  - My little baby has grown up, and it is time to let him go into the real world. Not only will nursery help with his social skills, something that isn't so easy to work on when you are the only family in your group of friends with a baby, but it will also give this mama a little chill time. As much as Scout goes to his Nan's house two afternoons a week, it feels like I spend most of that time sorting the house work. He also goes to swimming once a week, but of course during that time he is focused to the learning to swim bit, and not the playing with other kids. We're hoping to have him in a nursery within the next month or so and we only want to start with a day a week, but of course we shall play it by ear and see how it goes.
2- Set a wedding date.  - Liam and I have been together seven years this July and we actually got engaged Christmas Day 2010. We've had so many reasons in the past years to not get married just yet, and I feel like now is finally time to set the date. We don't want anything traditional; in fact we actually want to do things pretty differently, and I'm sure I'll share that in the future.
Calpe coastline
3 - Escape for a mini break, man and baby free. - I've been saying for the past year that I've been seriously craving some real sunshine. As someone who loves to travel and be in new places, I've really missed having a yearly holiday abroad. I haven't actually been out of the country in over five years. Neither Liam or Scout currently have a passport, and I don't think Scout would be too happy with a warmer climate just yet anyway; so at the end of this month my Mum and I are heading to Calpe, Spain for 4 days. It's been a long time coming, and it's going to feel like a real treat.
4 - Visit the monkey forest. - We live close to the monkey forest at Trentham Estate. We've never actually been, and I think Scout would absolutely love it. I think this is something we will have to leave until the weather gets a little better, but it's definitely on my list of things to do. The monkey forest is a 60 acre expanse of woodland home to 140 barbary macaques. They roam freely and you can experience them without cages or bars. 
5 - Spend more time appreciating what I have, and not dwelling on what I don't have. - I spent a lot of 2015 dwelling on the things that were getting me down. Stuff like not having time to blog/youtube like I want to, not being happy with my own appearance, just generally feeling pants. This year is the year I'm going to change that. Positive Sam is going to make an appearance, and I'm going to appreciate the good stuff, and work on the things that are getting me down.
6 - Wean Scout off the bottles! - Scout is turning two this year, and although he only has milk in a bottle at nap time and bed time, it is a bit of a crutch for him and I'd like to say bye bye to the bottles this year. I'm starting off by trying to get him used to having milk in a sippy cup. Currently he expects it to be squash, and spits is straight out the minute he tastes the milk. Any tips for this process would be highly appreciated. He also has dummy (his doeby) and that's another one to work on.
Gym snaps7- Lose two stone.  - Another thing that I have already made a start on. After gaining a bit of weight after my gallbladder surgery, the new year has spurred me on to get back on that fitness hype. I'm currently going to the gym on any day that Liam works from home. This normally works out at four/five days a week, and I'm slowly starting to see changes in my body. Weight loss is slow, but I do understand that I am building muscle as well as burning away some fat.
8 - See more family.  - My family is insanely spread out across the country. I have grandparents in both Somerset and Birmingham, my Mum and siblings are spread across Wales, and another of my siblings is down south. It's hard when you have a little one to travel all the time, so seeing family has taken a massive back seat to life. This year I would love to see more of my family, reconnect with members I haven't seen for years, and build more of a relationship with those that I don't see very often. 
Butlins Skegness welcome sign9 - Enjoy our first family holiday. - This is another goal that we have already put in place. We've booked our very first family holiday for May, the week before Scout turns two. In 2014 we were lucky enough to escape to Great Yarmouth for a week with Liam's parents, but this time it will be just the three of us. We've booked one of the new seaside apartments, and I can't be more excited. Obviously, I will share the holiday snaps here when we come back. 
10 - Take Scout to Talacre. - Talacre holds some great memories for me. Waaaay before Scout my friends and I used to make the short drive just for a day at the beach, and I'd love to share that experience with him. There isn't much there, just a few seaside-y shops, an arcade or two and a fish and chip shop; but the beach is sandy and has a stunning little lighthouse. We shall take a picnic and make a day of it....once the sun starts to make an appearance. (It also helps that the beach is dog friendly, so we can take Bug with us.)
11 - Save, save, save! - There are a few things I really want to save up for this year. A few things are personal and probably won't happen for a fair few years; but one thing that Liam and I are really focussed on is buying a house. The house prices in Crewe are set to rocket in a couple of years time. This is thanks to a new high speed rail link being built that connects to London. This means that if we really want to buy a home here, we need to do it ASAP. We're tightening the purse strings and saving with all our might. 
12 - Become closer to completing my first sleeve. - I added a couple of tattoos to my left arm in 2015, and I'm determined to become closer to, or even finish one sleeve. I've wanted heavily tattooed arms for years, so lets do dissss.
13 - Hit 1000 instagram followers. - Instagram is probably my slowest growing social media platform. I'm only half way there, but I'd love to hit 1k by the new year.
Vegan Food14 - Stick to a vegan diet, and stop using any non cruelty free beauty brands. - This is another of my 'in progress' goals. I started eating a Vegan diet on the 3rd of January, and have yet to slip up. I'm loving this diet and all the good that it is doing for my body, and the planet, and I'd love to expand that into the beauty products that I'm using. I have already purged my make-up collection, (BLOG SALE HERE) and am now only purchasing from cruelty free brands. Maybe I'll go into my beliefs on cruelty free make-up in a future post. Things such a toothpaste, shower gel and such like, I'm still working on transitioning too. Although, I have found an awesome Vegan brand of hair products. There will be more on that soon too. 
15 - Walk the damn dog. - Poor Bug. My first little boy has really suffered with all the changes in the past year. I'm going to be the first to admit that he does not get walked as much as he should. This is going to change. This dog does not like water, so walking him in the rain is tough, but it's going to stop being an excuse. He's coped really well with the addition of Scout, and moving half way up the country, so it's now time to give him something back. He can get a little stressed sometimes, and I honestly think it's down to boredom. I promise, little doge, you shall see more of the blue sky and green grass this year. 
16 - Have a total wardrobe revamp. - Always. I'm always craving a change. This goal is one that will probably happen towards the end of the year. I'd like to do this once I'm a bit more comfortable with my body, as a little bit of a reward to myself for reaching that goal too. 
17 - Feel more accomplished with the GypsyFlower Blog. - For the past two years, Gypsy Flower has taken a huge backseat. It's been through a name and design change, but never really had my full attention when it needed it. At the end of the day, this is what I love to do, and I get very down when I don't have time to brain spill onto my keyboard. I'd love to see Gypsy Flower flourish again. The youtube channel seems to be doing ok audience and growth wise, but in this corner of the GF world, we're struggling. Let's change that. 

Surprisingly, it is actually really hard to think of seventeen goals for the year. So, if you could have only one goal to complete during 2016, what would it be?

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  1. Fab post. I used to live in Calpe for 2 years and have been holidaying there for the past 18 years :) have fun xx


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