Christmas Would You Rather... - Collab

It's collab time of month, and this month we get two! Woohoo! The questions we came up with below, and make sure you go over to the other girls' channels too!

1. Coal for makeup OR pine needles for hair?
2. Nose like Rudolph OR ears like an elf?
3. Meet the ghost of Christmas past OR Christmas present?
4. Give Or only receive presents for the rest of your life?
5. Eat turkey without gravy OR sprouts everyday for the rest of your life?
6. Carrot for a nose OR breath like the Grinch?
7. Declare love for your boss at the Christmas party OR receive the most embarrassing secret Santa gift?
8. Be allowed no decorations OR have to have them up all year round?
9. Sneeze egg nog OR fart mistletoe?
10. Wear elf shoes for a year OR have Santa's beard?

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