Bye Bye Gallbladder!

I'm finally free!!
For anyone who has been following me for a while, will know that I have been suffering with gallstones since being pregnant. The pain of the attacks was horrific and usually crippling. Most say its worse/on par with labour, and I totally agree.
Upon my first diagnosis, I was told to control the pains with regular day to day pain killers. This was down to the fact that my gallstones were describe as 'gravel-y', and didn't need to be removed.
Of course, as time went on, the pains got worse, more frequent and less controllable with over the counter pain killers.

After our move in May, I went to my new GP for a second opinion, and here I am now, five months later, gallbladder free. I could not be happier that this chapter in my life is over.
The op was completed laproscopically, and took a maximum of two hours. I have four incisions in my torso, the biggest being in my belly button in which the gallbladder was removed from. Luckily, the operation was a day case, so was home by six last night, and got to sleep (albeit uncomfortably) in my own bed.

There isn't much I can do right now, I'm quite swollen and sore, but so far the worst pain is coming from the Co2 gas that they blow your stomach up with during the op. It causes shoulder pains that are pretty intense, so I'm hoping once the gas has dispersed, the healing will be much easer.

Healing time can be anywhere between two and four weeks. I currently have a couple of dissolvable stitches and skin clips under my dressings that need to be removed in nine days time. So far, bruising seems minimal, which is super surprising for someone who bruises like a peach. I expected my hands to be the most bruised because the poor anesteiologist couldn't find a vein to put my cannulas in.  I have just as many holes in my hands as I do my stomach.

I wanted to write a couple of posts about my journey through healing, because apart from medical documents, I couldn't find a whole load of personal experiences online. Liam has taken a week off of work to let me rest up, so fingers crossed I'll be feeling much better towards the end of the week. I'll post another update then and fill you guys in.

I'm so happy to finally be rid of the 'demon' as I liked to call it. It excites me thinking about not having to go through that pain again, once I'm healed of course.

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