Smiggle Christmas Advent Calendar*

Are you a stationary lover like me? Well, you may or may not have heard of Smiggle. 
Smiggle is a stationery store, priding themselves on fun, colourful and fashion-forward stationery. 
Founded in Australia in 2003, Smiggle has slowly worked their way worldwide, and opened their first UK store in 2014. 
The stores themselves are all based around their theme and name, where smile meets giggle. 


This year, the design team have come up with a fabulous Christmas advent calendar. Each calendar contains twenty five fun items, and each day you will will receive anything from stationery, to toys. They have also included ten chances to find a lucky ticket, giving the each person who has an advent calendar the chance to win a £250 Smiggle shopping spree.
The design of the calendar itself is super cute! It is rather large, but considering the contents, that is to be expected.

The calendar is currently selling for £25, which is a fantastic bargain considering each calendar will contains items worth over £40.

I haven't yet opened any of my doors as I will be uploading a daily opening throughout the month of December over on my Youtube channel, but I can safely say that I'm so excited about this!

Whether you are a youngster, teen or adult, if you love stationery or crafting, I feel like you will absolutely love this. The Smiggle advent calendar will make a great alternative to the norm.

If you want to see what is behind each door, make sure to pop over to the Gypsy Flower YouTube channel on the 1st December.

If you would like to purchase one of these advent calendars, you can visit their website here.
And don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for one of those lucky tickets! At the time of writing this post, there are only nine left.

*I was sent his advent calendar to review and share, but all opinions are of course my own, as usual.

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