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So what do you do when you order your dream lipstick, and then receive and out of stock email seconds later? Order a cheaper dupe!

A couple of weeks back I thought to myself, I am finally going to order my very first Mac lipstick. I'm such a cheapskate and the price makes me cringe, but when Mac Stone matte lipstick came onto my radar, I just couldn't stop thinking about it. So when that devastating email appeared in my inbox, I went on the hunt.

During that hunt, I came across NYX Maison matter lipstick. Every picture I could find looked like the very closest dupe I have ever seen. It was perfect. Unfortunatel, NYX was out of stock, so I continued my search which lead me to Amazon. Now, I've had some bad experience with buying make-up on Amazon before. I'm always cautious of the legitimacy of the product, but decided to order anyway. Including shipping, this cost me just short of £8. Which is a huge difference compared to the near £20 I almost paid for Mac Stone.

The packing is simple and matte. Obviously, it doesn't feel as high end as a Mac bullet, but I don't think it feels cheap. Unfortunately, mine was a little lose upon arrival, and I made a booboo and twisted the bullet up into the lid, damaging the lipstick itself before I could take photos. Whomp whomp.

The lipstick itself is super soft and easy to apply. Unlike many matte lipsticks, I don't find this drying at all. The only thing I have noticed, is is probably isn't as matte as I would like it to be. As you can see in the photo above, it does still have a sheen on the lips.

In the photos, it translates a little warmer than I think it is in real life. It really is a deep grey toned brown. If you're after a true 90's lip colour, this is it.

Longevity wise, due to the soft formula of this lipstick, it does wear away pretty fast, but only in the center of your lips. If you don't mind reapplying, it's not a problem at all. Other than that, I love it. It's stays exactly where you put it and doesn't bleed at all. The photo above is the lipstick alone, without any liner, but obviously, if you want that extra staying power, a liner may just help you out.

So which is your favourite Mac dupe? I was so close to spending what I consider an insane amount of money on one lipstick. After finding this dupe, I don't think I'll be able to talk myself into it again.

Edit - Nyx cosmetics has now launched over on Feel Unique!

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  1. I love this shade! Really reminds me of one Kylie Jenner has been wearing recently! xxx
    Katherine Rosie | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog


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