...And we're back!

So, it's been in the works for a little while longer than originally planned, but I can finally show you guys the new design! Liam has worked his tush off to get it as close to the design I had in my head as he could, and he's done a cracking job.

As Gypsy Flower continues to grow, I hope to add more features; but for now, I hope you like the new look and new name!

The word Gypsy can mean 'a nomadic or free-spirited person', which in the past year or so, I've really started to feel like I am. I crave change, I crave travel, and I crave a stress free, light hearted life; which is something I'm still working on for myself and my family. 
The flower aspect of the new name is to keep within the same old theme. I wanted to keep a part of When Flowers Fall with me forever. After all, it played one of the biggest parts in me getting out of the worst of my depression. 

I'm thankful for anyone who reads my blog in this little corner of the internet, and if you are just stopping by to take a peek at the new design, thank you. 

If you have a blog design that you would like to make a reality, feel free to shoot Liam an email, which is at the bottom of the blog; or quickly send him a tweet @g1itcher.

So what's to come?

You can expect to see the usual old goodies such as beauty reviews, fashion wish lists and parenting bits and bob; but I also plan to expand on my DIY feature, share recipes, and tips and tricks for a chilled out life as I learn them along the way. 

If there is anything else you'd like to see me cover in particular, feel free to leave me a comment below, or tweet me @gypsyflower_.

Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy reading Gypsy Flower as much as I enjoy writing it. 

'Every flower must grow through dirt.'

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