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So, now that our motivation for this healthy lifestyle has made a total comeback, I'm on the hunt for a fitness watch. The problem is, is that there are so many to choose from.
Obviously each watch comes with different features, some connecting to an app to track your data. I just don't know which to choose.
I'd like something that will track my calories burnt, throughout the day, but also during a workout; anything else would be a bonus. My sleep hasn't been great recently, so I'm thinking one that can track my sleep pattern would be great too.
I'm leaning towards the Fitbit Charge HR. Purely as you don't have to wear a chest strap to track your heart rate. My other choice is the Polar A3000, but unlike the fitbit, you have to wear the chest strap whilst exercising. I can see this becoming something I wold forget, or get bored of putting on.
The only other big difference I can see, is the price. I think I'd be willing to pay a little more, for better functionality.

Gone are the days of me lusting over a fancy Marc Jacobs watch. This is the new obsession.
So, which one would you pick? Is there another that I'm missing that may be a better fit?

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