The WFF Love Your Body Project - August Goals

Goals. Things I don't set very often, but have suddenly felt the urge to recently.

July has been a funny old month. Yet again, weight loss hasn't happened. I've been dotting between two pounds all month; but I have felt somewhat good about my body. I've had moments of frequent exercise, and I've found my love for being active again. It just makes me feel great. Food wise, I haven't been so good. I've pigged out on many occasions, and I feel that's the reason for a halt in weight loss. I see my lowest weight (currently 205lbs) and then think it's ok to over indulge for three days after. Then of course, it shoots back up.

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I did on the other hand, see the photo above this month. I'm pretty sure I don't look like that anymore, I just need to tell my brain that. I never want to look like that again.

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So, the goals...

- No weigh in's this month!
If I don't know how well I'm doing, I can't give myself an excuse to pig out. I'm hoping this will mean I can get over the 200lb hurdle.

- Exercise 5 times a week.
I would love to be an everyday kinda girl, but I just don't think it's realistic. Each week has hard days, and sometimes you just have to get into bed yourself once the baby is asleep.

- Buy a new dress that makes you feel amazing!
I'm actually having a night out with the girls at the beginning of September, so I need to find a cracking outfit. But what does a twenty five year old, mum of one wear on a night out these days. I can't get past the sea of crop tops and body con dresses that I keep seeing.

- Only one lazy PJ day a week.
I've fallen back into the habit of not getting dressed if I don't have to. It doesn't make you feel good, and it doesn't do much for your confidence. Time to nip it in the bud.

So what are your goals for August. Leave a comment below. 

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