InstaWeek #02

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Helloooo, Sunshines!

What a strange old week it has been; and a stressful one at that.
Last Sunday saw us rushing Scout to A&E after a fight with a solid wood table. He totally lost his footing whilst playing and smacked his head directly on the corner. The swelling came out pretty quickly, but as with any head injury, we wanted it seen to as quick as possible. The hospital were great and saw him within an hour.

We did notice whilst there, that there were very little toys in the children's waiting room. It just didn't make sense to me, as I couldn't imagine Scout every sitting still whilst waiting to be seen for anything. We were lucky to go whilst it was quiet, but add an extra couple of hours onto our wait, and he would have been a very bored child. I decided to do something about it, and arranged a collection of donations from families in the local area. I then spent over an hour on Wednesday cleaning said toys. We are taking them to the hospital as soon as we get a moment.

With the abundance of new toys in the house, we've discovered that Scout loves cars and trucks, so he got to switch out one of his donations for this green dump truck. He's loving driving it up against our lovely freshly painted walls.
He's also discovered the fun that is our glasses. It's rare that we get to keep them on our faces at the minute.

I decided to brighten a boring week by refreshing my pink hair, and boy is it refreshed. More on the product I used to come.

Back to Scout... He's been taken some short naps this week. I'm hoping it's just a phase and we get our nice two plus hour naps back soon. On Friday, he woke up after forty minutes and regretted his decision.

We picked up a Munchkin 360 cup for him to use too this week. He's always trying to grab our drinks, so figured it would be a good time to try the magical voodoo that is this cup. Seriously, it's amazing.

We also dug our his first pair of Converse trainers. His Grammy picked the wrong size out by mistake when he was tiny, but they finally fit, and boy do they look cute!!

And finally, I got a whole day to myself to get some 'Sam stuff' done. I've planned and filmed a few videos, written a few blog posts (including this one), and relaxed. It's just what I needed unwind. As I write this, the boys are in town and I'm in an empty house, alone with the animals. I love my boys, but this is a moment on once in a while bliss.

What have you been up to this week. Leave your Instagram names down below, I'm always on the hunt for new accounts to follow.

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  1. What a good and generous idea to collect toys for the hospital. I'm sure that they will be very grateful !
    I wish you a great month of August.

    xx, Charlie


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