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Ok, ok. So I have been really letting myself slip on this recently; and we are in the seventh month of this year already!!
I admit, I haven't really been trying to lose weight, but I also haven't felt overly insecure about my body recently either. That is a huge step in the right direction on this journey to body confidence.

For the past few updates, I've really gone on about losing weight; but I've realised this month that it's so much more than that. Confidence doesn't come from dropping a few pounds alone.
So, in a bid to start feeling more like myself recently, I've dyed my hair pink and gotten in touch with a tattoo artist. These are things I've been wanting to do again for a very long time, but just kept putting off. I'm currently waiting for some designs to drop into my inbox, and then hopefully I'll be getting all booked in for a couple of new pieces to make a start on my sleeve.

Wardrobe is another thing I am slowly working on. I almost always talk about how I'm still wearing the same clothes I wore throughout my pregnancy, and that is slowly but surely changing. I've bought a fair few new pieces recently, and I'm on the verge of having a huge wardrobe clear out. I just want to make sure that I'm not doing to leave myself with not a lot to wear by doing it.
So with that being said, weight loss is still a big factor in this project. As much as I haven't felt overly self conscious recently, I also haven't lost any weight. I'm still hovering around the same 206lbs point that I was at in January.
In a bid to kick start the weight loss again, I have downloaded the Value diary app. It's 'not in connection with any weight loss plan', but it's basically the Weight Watchers ProPoints system. I'm using this along side MyFitnessPal and hoping to see some progress soon.

theWFFloveyourbodyproject, fitness, health, lifestyle, weightloss, confidence, self confidence,

Exercise wise, I've lost my mojo. Until yesterday, when I felt a huge burst of inspiration. I've set myself a goal of cycling 10km five times a week, and doing some arm weights where ever I feel like I can squeeze some in. I'm definitely not the biggest lover of exercise, but I do know that I always feel incredibly good after I've completed a workout.

I think I'll leave the update at that for now. Hopefully next month I can tell you that I've lost some pounds and booked in for some new skin art.
If you do want to follow me on this journey more closely, you can follow my health and fitness instagram account - @wffloveyourbodyproject.
It's mostly a food diary, but I really want to start incorporating more of what this project is all about into it.

Self confidence is what counts.

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