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With all the other stuff going on in life recently, I've had absolutely no time for my beloved make up. I've seriously been lucky if I managed yo grab ten minutes mid morning to put something on my face. Now that things are slowly, but surely settling down, we are finally finding somewhat of a routine again. Which means....all the makeup, GET ON MA FACE!!!

With this new found time, I've gone a little cosmetics crazy and I'm dying to go on a bit of a spending spree. Now, of course I have to start with lips. They are my favourite products after all. I'm looking to add a bit of variety into my collection, and try some new brands. You're going to wondering, after I've said that, why I've added MAC products in there; and the truth is, I don't own any!!!  Well, I own one lipstick, and I'm pretty sure it's an internet fake. I've kept it for yeaRs, but never actually used it.

Brands on my radar at the minute are the likes of Gerard Cosmetics. LA Splash (gimme all the lip couturiers please and thank you,) and Essence. I'm also constantly drooling over products from ColourPop. Holy moly, those new ultra matte lip colours are insane!! The moment they hit the UK, you know I'll be all over that.

I feel like I've been out of the makeup loop for soooo long. I don't know what's good at the minute. So I need recommendations guys. Fellow lip product addicts, what do I need in my life.

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