Jerome Russell Pink Toner* / Review

This poor product has been sat waiting for me to test it out for months. I was kindly sent it a good while back by the lovely lot over at Jerome Russell; but with moving, and Scout's birthday, and everything else my life has thrown at me recently, I just haven't had time to try it out. 

A couple of weeks back, I did manage to find a moment, and I took the chance to finally get my pink on. But, unfortunately, this was a case of 'sometimes the product just doesn't work for you'.

pink, beauty, hair, toner, bblonde, jerome russell, whenflowersfall

As you can see, I wouldn't say my hair is particularly dark. A couple of days prior to this photo, we had added a good few extra highlights into my barnet, and some pieces were genuinely quite blonde. 
I followed all of the instructions on the box, and I was sooo impressed with the formula of the product. 

pink, beauty, hair, toner, bblonde, jerome russell, whenflowersfall

As you can see, the toner is a super dark pink. I did find you had to give the bottle a good shake, otherwise you were left with a product that was quite runny, and not overly pigmented. But once shaken, it was thick and strong in colour. 
I applied it to my hair, and it instantly looks like it would take really well. Even my scalp was pink from the strong colour. I put on the plastic cap I had and warmed it through with a hairdryer, as the instructions said to do. 
One of the other factors of this product I loved,was the scent. It wasn't over baring, but really did make you feel like you were in a salon. 
After the developing time was up, I rinsed my hair and began to dry it. 

pink, beauty, hair, toner, bblonde, jerome russell, whenflowersfall

As you can see, it barely took to my hair at all. The very white pieces on the bottom were a very soft pink, but not how I would have expected them to look, considering the picture on the front of the box. The rest wasn't pink at all. Even the blondest bits at my roots, which you can see in the photo above didn't take. I ended up not drying my hair completely, as I did have another product to pop onto my hair, but I'm sure it wouldn't have looked too different to the photos above.

I am a little disappointed by this product. As you guys know, I'm a huge Jerome Russell fan and will always use that brand of hair products; but this left me feeling a little meh. I honestly think the result was down to my hair colour to begin with. I truly believe that if you are lucky enough to have super blonde/white hair, this would work wonderfully for you; but if you are looking to add a pink hue to some highlights, it may just not work that great.

The pink toner is one of a few that Jerome Russell do, and I can say that the Champagne and Platinum toners are fab. I generally use the platinum one to help pull out any brassiness I may have in my hair.

They retail at £4.99 and you can often purchase them at Boots or Superdrug.

Have you tried this pink toner before? Let me know in the comments below if you were any more successful than I was with it. 

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  1. If you look at the back of the box you'll see that the shade of pink will only come through on VERY blonde/platinum hair. That's why it only took to your blonde ends and not further up the hair, which is a darker blonde. It isn't a hair dye, it's a toner. Made to tone bleached blonde hair. If you're wanting a 'hue' on a darker blonde hair, then you're best to go for a semi-permanent dye.

    1. Sure, I understand that. As you can see, there is a lot of super blonde pieces towards the top of my hair, these pieces are bleach blonde, and those didn't take either. I'm not bashing it. I'm simply saying that it might not work for everyone. For the pigmentation of the product straight out of the bottle, I expected a slightly stronger out come; even on the very very bleached blonde ends of my hair.

  2. I found the same and I have very light hair. This product is pretty rubbish.

  3. Hi I used this last summer.I wasn't a really bright blonde.It give me streaks of blonde it looked nice.I agree it be fab if it would be like it is on the box.

  4. I used this pink,and it's fab on bleached hair,looks just like on the picture,


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