InstaWeek #01


It's been a fair while since I last did one of these posts. So, I figured I would get back to it and share a bit of life with you guys. 
Unfortunately, this week has been pretty boring. 
I've just started to really get into the designing part of the new WFF website. It's all pictures and prettiness at the minute, and I'm now waiting for Liam to have a spare moment or six to get some coding done. Fingers crossed it'll be finished by the end of summer. 

Scout got sick at the beginning of the week, and what we thought was a fever from him teething, turned out to be the roseola virus. His little belly got all blotchy and he wasn't a very happy bub. Thankfully he got past it pretty quickly though, and shouldn't get it again. Another couple of Scouty updates; he looooooves broccoli, and is now wanting to drink from cups without lids. Cue puddles of water dotted around my house. 

Liam and I celebrated our sixth year together,  he gave me a beautiful ring from my favourites over at Bloody Mary Metal. 

I started cycling again, and am really enjoying it. As a matter of fact, I should probably be doing that now instead of writing this post. 

Aaaand finally, we started decorating our living room. We picked out a gorgeous warm grey shade of paint that could almost be classed as a heather purple, and we love it. What we don't love is the giant crack in the plaster we discovered last night under the wallpaper. It all had to come off the wall, and we are making a trip to B&Q shortly to get some stuff to patch it up. Yaaaay.

So, how was your week?

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