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asos top four

So far I've resisted the Asos sale. I've been browsing pretty much daily, but I've not caved yet.
In my mega window shopping sessions though, I have drooled over a few pieces that I'd really love to add to my wardrobe.
I feel like I'm going through a bit of a wardrobe revamp (as always,) and my style has definitely changed in the last two years. I love, love, love the 70s trend and I think that it's safe to say that even when it isn't 'in style', it'll still be with me. Bell bottoms, denim, button down skirts and casual t-shirts. I want them all.
So, above are my top four Asos picks of the moment. I'm sure I could have picked out a whole tonne more, but I'm trying to keep my shopping lists a little more realistic these days.
Gone are the twenty item wish lists of the past.
I hope by doing this, I may actually be able to purchase items from my wish list posts, instead of just staring at them, wishing they were in my monthly budget.

If you could pick anything on Asos right now, what would it be. Show me what you're lusting over.

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