Scout's 1st Birthday

Excuse me, what? I have a one year old? How the fudge did that happen??

But, yes. It's been almost a month since Scout turned one. The day fell on a Sunday, and a week and a half after our big move. Unfortunately, this meant we had no time to organise a party of any kind, so it just ended up being a family day.

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He started his first day by having the LONGEST lie in he's ever had. I think it was about nine before he stirred and we walked in to our happy little chunk. He had his morning milk, we spent an hour ripping into presents, and then headed to Frankie & Benny's for a birthday breakfast.
We spent the day doing a bit of shopping, and after his nap we headed to his Grammy's house. Liam's mum had put out a bit of a buffet tea, he cautiously made his way through his smash cake and we ate farrrr too much.

lifestyle, birthday, parent, scout, baby jones, one, whenflowersfall, smashcake

At a year old, Scout...
- weighs 22lbs (measured at 1 year check at 11 months)
- is 79cms tall (measured at 1 year check at 11 months)
- wears size 12-18 month
- has six teeth.
- babbles all the time. His favourite words are ducky (duk-eeeeee), mama, dada, cat and nom nom nom.
- crawls like a champ, but has been a lazy bones when it comes to walking. He can do it, just. He just doesn't seem interested in it yet.
- is always on his feet. He loves to stand and play.
- can climb onto the sofa without any effort. I can no longer leave him playing for two minutes to pick up the brew I made ten minutes ago. He will always be bouncing on the sofa, the moment I turn my back. I birthed a monkey.
- has three big boy meals a day. He has milk when he first wakes and before naptime/bed. He is also now on cows milk, so now more buying formula for us!!
- only has one nap a day now. He's just on the go all the time.
- drinks from a cup, unless it's for his milk. We're just starting our journey to get rid of the bottles completely. We just need to find a cup Scout likes for it.
- loves Peppa pig, Duggee, any book, pasta, building blocks and Luna, our cat. He's obsessed with her. 
- takes after his dad. They are both so incredibly clumsy. I think I'm going to have my hands full when he grows up. I'm expecting more than the usual amounts of cuts, grazes and broken bones. He's already split his lip three times. He's a nutter.

I'm sure there's a lot more I could include I'm this post, but I won't bore you too much.
This past year has been a total learning curve for me. I've learnt that I'm still not very good at coping under pressure. I've learnt that even when I'm angry, it only takes a smile from Scout to break me out of a bad mood. But most of all, I've learnt that through all of the bad days, sleepless nights, hours of feeling like a failure as a mum, I wouldn't change him for the world. I couldn't imagine my life without my little ray of sunshine.  I look forward to one day, giving him a baby brother or sister; but for now, I'm really enjoying watching him grow every day.

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