The WFF Love Your Body Project - March Update & Before Photos

So, March. This was the month I knew would be tough; and it was.
Not only was it the month of my first ever Mother's Day, it was also the month that contained a bagillion birthdays. Due to all of these celebrations, this project had not been in the front of my mind and I've eaten a lot of junk.

I weighed myself a week and a half ago and the damage showed to be a lovely 6lb gain. At that point I gave myself two weeks to lose it again and to get back to my lowest of 206lbs. At this Monday's weigh in, I had managed to lose 3.8lbs. Not too shabby. Fingers crossed I can continue to lose this week, me see that nice low (for me) on the scales, this coming Monday.

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The other big thing for the past month has been the launch of my #wfflybp Instagram account. I didn't want to flood my main accounts feed with food pictures anymore, so I created a new one. I've not been so great with being consistent, but that's something I'm working on this coming month.
I've also started a #30daykickstart mini series today. The goal is to do something each day this month that gets you moving. You don't necessarily have to do a full work out; just something that will increase your heart rate a little. Today I cycled almost 10k whilst Scout napped, and other things I plan to include long walks with the dog, quick bursts of hula hopping, or maybe even some crazy dancing with Scout. I want this month to be the month I create some new habits, kick start the weight loss again and start to feel good about my body again.
If you want to join in, use the hashtag, or just follow my journey; you can at @wffloveyourbodyproject on Instagram.

There are many things happening in the next couple of months, that may just hinder progress, but I can try and do my best, and that's all that matters.

So's time.
I've thought long and hard about this, and I feel now is the time to share my 'before' photos..
These were taken a few months back and have been sitting in a folder on my imac, untouched. I don't like to look at them, but I feel like it's important that I do. I'm going to use them as my motivation.
In these photos I weighed 210lbs, so only a couple of lbs more than I am now, so really not much has changed.
(Note - please be nice. I'm so nervous to actually post these.)

I plan to take progress photos at the end of April, August and then December. Four months between each set, I hope to see some king of difference. Obviously, the April ones won't show huge progress, but that doesn't matter.

I hope you are all doing really well. Let me know if you are following the love your body project, or if you have set your own health and fitness goals this year. I'd love to follow your journeys.

Remember, the WFF love your body project isn't all about weightloss. It's about finding confidence and love for your own body. It's doesn't matter if you lose weight, gain weight, tone up, or just become more confident in yourself. It's about being able to say that you love your body at the end of 2015.

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