This Week's Highlights

Another week has flown by, and it's now March! How insane is that?!
What's even scarier, is that I turn 25 this month. That means next year I will be closer to 30 than I am 20, and I am soooo not ready for that. 

We've had a pretty slow going week, but there have been a few exciting moments that I wanted to share with you today.

1. I've made more of an effort to make myself feel more human this month. I've taken time to actually get dressed more often that not, and put some make-up on. Even if it's only a little mascara, it seems to help the low moods a lot. 

2. Scout started testing his first product to review this week. Haha! Well, I'll review it for him, but so far so good. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on my youtube channel for the full video review coming soon. 

3. I'm well and truly stuck in the planning mindset now. I love sitting down and filling out a couple of pages of to do's. It really helps to keep my mind a little clearer. 

4. I posted a little reminder for myself mid week. I need a boost every now and then, and I find Pinterest (follow me here) is one of the best places to find some motivation. 

5. Pay day week means that we ran out of a few of our favourite foods. Scout tried his daddy's cheerios this week, but wasn't too sure about them.

6. Another make-up face.

7. Liam surprised me with the planner I've been lusting over for a couple of weeks. So now I have two. Yes, I'm becoming one of those people who plans every part of her life. 

8. He also came home from the office with Yo!sushi for dinner. I'm not going to lie. I could have eaten this all to myself. It was so good! 

9. I've started using Snapchat much more this week. If you would like to follow our story, my user name is whenflowersfall. I seem to post anything that isn't instagram worthy. Derp faces, anyone?

10. I thought I had found my dream bag last week. That is, until I saw this one. It's so beautiful. PLus, you can have it monogrammed. How fancy!

11. Scout has started teething again, so sleep has become pretty non existent. He's also suffering with bad nappy rash because of it. 

12. And the most exciting thing of all. We welcomed little India into our lives. She's absolutely tiny and a total ball of  love. It's been 6 months since we lost Mischief, and I always felt like there was a big hole in our home. We've been a 2 cat household for a few years and the time just felt right. I can't wait to watch her grow into the complete beauty I know she'll be. 

How has your week been?

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