Birthdays From The Past

With my 25th birthday looming, I decided to have a flick back through my photo file marked 'birthdays'.
It turns out that I haven't taken any photos for the past few years, but I thought it would be fun to share some from the years I do have photo's of.
It's crazy how much I have changed in the past six years. Not just in the way that I look, but the way that I act and how I have grown emotionally. I look back at some of these photos and think wow, I was really happy then. These birthdays all before my depression diagnosis; but really, I'm happy now, I just don't realise it sometimes. 
I feel like the lack of photos from the past few years is down to my general low mood. Last year I was very pregnant and spent most of the day crying through raging hormones, and the years before, I haven't the foggiest what I was doing.

So here they are...a few glimpses into my past birthdays. Cue bad hair, drunk photos, and awful outfits.

 Oh, gosh. This was the year that I drank an entire bottle of Malibu before midday. I drank it straight from the bottle, in the car on the way to visit my family in Wales. My boyfriend of the time was driving and I was in control of the CDs. Yup, CD's. Oh boy. As you can see from the photos, I did continue to drink, after a few hours on water only. I don't think I can remember too much else from that day. It was a good day. There's also a rare photo of my younger brother and I, top left. With my mum, bottom left, and an old friend who I was attached to the hip with, bottom right.

 This was my first birthday whilst dating Liam. His mum went all out and made a HUUUUGGEE cupcake cake. Current obsession of the time. And a buffet. I don't think I did too much on the actually day of my birthday that year, but a group of us did go bowling in the same week and got incredibly drunk, again. The night ended with my eating a Dominos and then asking for a Chinese. 

My 21st is the last birthday I have photos from. It was the year before we moved up to Leeds and into our own place. It was also the year before my mental health issues got really bad.
On the day, I woke up to balloons all over the house, and a cake with my face on it. Stunning. If I remember rightly, I spent the day shopping with a friend and then spent the evening with Liam.
Of course, it wouldn't have been a 21st without some silly dressed up night out. I feel like I planned it for ages.
One of my best friends, who's birthday is four days after mine, celebrated it with me. We spent the day shopping, getting our nails done, and then went out later that night.
After Liam's birthday(26th March), we spent the weekend in a friends caravan in Wales with my family. The campsite was one that I grew up going to, also the one that I ended up working at when we moved to Wales. I always loved it, and still do. These photos make me realise how much I miss living by the sea. In the Summer, there are dolphins that live in the bay. It's just beautiful

So what's for this year?
Originally, I had planned on taking Scout to Whipsnade zoo. It was my local zoo growing up and whilst we are still down south, I thought it would be great to take him there. But, the weather has been diabolical this week and I don't think walking around in the cold and wet with him would be a fab idea. Plus, walking around in the rain on my birthday doesn't seem very appealing.
So that's being rescheduled for closer to Summer and we'll probably go just before we move back to Crewe. Instead, we're going to have a wander around Bluewater. We've not been in the whole two years that we've lived here and shopping is probably my most favourite thing to do. Also, Yo!sushi for lunch is definitely on the cards. Yum!

What are your favourite birthday memories?
I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.

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