WFF loves..Planning.

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you have probably been saved from my new obsession. Planning. As is planners, diaries; the lot.
That is, until now.
I have no idea where this obsession has sprung from, all I know is, I don't know how I lived with out it. I recently purchased my new planner from It's a great service, as you can pretty much customise every inch of your planner. Size, colour, front cover. Even down to what columns you have on the inside. You don't even have to order a diary/planner. You could simply have a notebook if you so wish.
I then started eyeing up how others set theirs up on instagram, and this is what got me hooked. Everything looked so pretty! Below are a few of the ladies I have followed recently. I am in awe of their planners and hope that one day mine will look as good.
Top - @oneorangesnowflake & @misbelindaxox
Bottom - @filoally & @lindsayplans
(If you go and follow any of them, tell them I sent you. )
My friend, Fiona added me to the UK Planner Addicts FB page and the need for more pretty things continued to grow. Everyone talks about stickers, and inserts and washi tape. It was a whole new world for me but I love scrolling through the posts.
This pretty much leads to now. I have my planner, a whole new stationary section on my desk and well organised days. Something I haven't had since Scout was born.
So the next question is, would you guys be interested in seeing some planning/planner/stationary type posts. I already have a haul going up on my Youtube channel on Sunday, so if you are interested, make sure you tune in for that. I'm trying to find my creative mojo again this year, and I think this may just be the beginning of just that.
It's weird how it can make you feel so relaxed, just by writing things down on paper instead of trying to keep it all in your brain.
Do any of you lovely lot like to plan out your days?
Or even better, have any times for this newbie?

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  1. I would love to see more posts on all things planning. I am obsessed by lists & the prettier the paper I use the better. I have the planner from Personal Planners too, its quite basic compared to others but I flipping love it! Hmm , I may have to join this Planner Addicts FB group too!!! x


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