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Yup, another series is being resurrected. I know a lot of people do these kinds of posts now, but I figured it would be a great one to look back on in a few months time. Also, if you don't have/follow me on Instagram, then it's a good way to catch up with my life stuffs.

1. We've really gotten back into using our cloth nappies. We fell into a bit of a disposable habit and it was not only becoming an expensive one, but we were also putting out far more rubbish each week. Now all I need to do, is get used to the stuffing again. Does anyone else hate the stuffing part?

2. Scout has been a bit all over with his naps this week. It's not all been his fault. We've had to be out of the house a couple of times, and he just sleeps where he can. On Tuesday he crashed in the car after we had our new tyre fitted, so of course I sat in the car, outside the house with him for an hour. How could I move that sweet little snoozer?

3. Attack of the pasta bake happened again. Scout loves it, and the majority of the time it ends up all over his face. Hey, at least he didn't rub it in his eyes this time.

4. I've been feeling some major wanderlust this week. We haven't had a holiday for over 4 years and I'm in dire need of some actual sunshine. Because of this, I have vowed to save half of my money each month until we can afford to go away. It probably won't be abroad for the first holibob, but somewhere other than stinky Chatham would be a lovely change of scenery.

5. Again with Scout and his naps. This is how he fell asleep twice this week. He wants to stand 24/7, even when he's meant to be going to sleep. Turns out he just couldn't fight it hard enough this time.

6. I've really gotten into this planning malarky. I've made a little start on Scout's scrapbook, (more of that to come soon,) and I'm constantly looking for new things I can add into this little obsession of mine.

7. This week I've also really struggled with a lot. I've felt really overwhelmed with looking after Scout, and juggling all of the housework/blogging/youtube etc. My routine wasn't followed brilliantly so I'm thinking that's why.

8. We did, on the other hand, have two full nights sleep with Scout. As I'm writing this, I have every thing crossed for a third. Only time will tell if we've finally cracked it where sleep is concerned.

9. Bargain of the week? A bright orange knitted cardi from Primark. Only £3 down from £16!

10. I've had the realisation that Scout has grown so much. In this picture he had just stolen Liam's hat and wasn't happy unless it was on his head.

11. Today, Liam took the reigns and I've had a complete me day. It was so needed and I haven't actually had a day like this since before Scout was born. We've now decided to make it a regular thing as I feel totally relaxed and refreshed, for the first time in nearly nine months!!

12. So as well as taking the dog for a walk, I had an hour long bath, painted my nails and filmed this weeks YouTube videos without feeling rushed. It's been bliss.
Now, it's time for two very heavy work weeks for Liam. Let's see how relaxed I feel when they're done.

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