Monday Make-Up

This is a series I used to have on my blog a while back. It's one I loved to update every Monday, and I have no idea why I ever stopped doing it.
I've felt a real slump recently. I'm having a bit of a mummy dilemma and I feel a little like a middle aged housewife at the moment. I rarely put make-up on, unless I'm actually having to leave the house, and I certainly don't feel pretty a lot of the time.
So, I'm bringing it back, and I'm hoping it will get me inspired again. I still love creating new looks just as much as I used to, I just need to make some more time for me, and this is as great as an excuse as any.

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Thi s is a look I wore a lot over the weekend. It's a current fave and I'm just loooovving anything bronze at the moment. Much like everyone else in the world right now.
I love the fact that it's a little undone. Messy and grungy if you will; and it really makes my eyes look blue. They never look blue!

I've got a tutorial of this look going up tomorrow, if you'd like to see how I did it.
I feel like it's totally going to be my go to look for a while. I just need to remember to change things up next Monday. :)

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