Jerome Russell BBlonde Ombre Kit* / Review

I've been umming and ahh-ing over going blonder aain for months now, so when I was asked if I would like to try out a Jerome Russell Bblonde product or two, it seemed like fate.
I asked to try out the new Ombre kit in Number one, as I figured this would be a nice way to jump start the journey back to the lighter side.
Now, as you can see in see in the before photos, I did already have some blonde in the ends of my hair. This was from a little play around with some bleach I had laying in a drawer. Funnily enough, it was from Jerome Russell. I was hoping to make it more of a solid ombre and neaten up any patchy parts that I had made. Let's make it known now, I am not trained in hair at all. I just do it for fun.
There are two new ombre kits now available. Number one, for light to dark brown hair; and number two, for blonde to medium brown hair. Kit number one is said to be able to lift the hair a couple of extra shades than number two. 

In the kits you will receive everything you need. The bleach powder and peroxide, the conditioning shampoo, instructions, tinting brush, mixing bowl and gloves; and a marvellous product called the blending lotion. I think this is what sets this ombre kit aside from others on the market. 
You begin by applying the blending lotion where you would like the ombre to start. This meant, because of the length of my hair, I applied this to the mid section just above my the blonde I already had. Then, once you have mixed the bleach, you just apply that from where you popped on the blending lotion, down to the ends on your hair. The key is to not apply any bleach above the blending lotion. 

It does just that. It creates a form of barrier for the bleach, meaning it will lighten your hair, but not to the strength of the bleach on the ends of your hair where the lotion isn't. 
I loved the addition of this product. It makes the kit so incredibly easy to use, and you aren't left with the line that you can sometimes get stuck with when trying to ombre at home. 
Now, you may be thinking 'YIKES THATS ORANGE,' but let me say that I didn't end up leaving it on for the maximum time. Unfortunately, Scout woke up from his nap (an hour early) mid way through and I didn't want to risk him getting covered in bleach.  I'm pretty sure if you do leave this on longer than the 20 minutes that I did, you would see far more lifting from the bleach.

I was very impressed with the result though! The blending lotion really did it's job well, and considering I do have some strong red tones in my hair from previous brown box dyes, it could have been a heck of a lot worse on the orange side.

As for the condition of my hair, of course I followed up with the conditioning shampoo supplied, and my hair felt amazing. It didn't feel damaged in the slightest and was actually really soft and fluffy.
A couple of days later, I did follow up with the Jerome Russell BBlonde Platinum toner, which I picked up from Superdrug. It really helped to lift some of the brassiness out of my hair and made it more of a softer, natural kind of blonde.

If you are looking to ombre your hair, I wouldn't recommend this kit enough.
This was one part one of achieving my summer hair, so make sure to stay tuned for part two.

You can currently purchase the Ombre Kit* I used at Superdrug for only £6.99.

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*I was sent this product for review purposes.

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