A Whole New Chapter

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It's been two months since I posted about quitting the blogging world. Those two months have totally flown by, but I can't help but feel like they were missing something. The good thing is, I know exactly what that missing thing was.
I've missed writing; I've missed being able to share things and get all of my thoughts out of my head and onto "paper".

The start of this new year seems to be the ideal time to welcome blogging back into my life. The only difference is, there'll be no pressure from myself this time. I'm not going to set a schedule in which you can expect posts from me. I'll post if and when I am able to/feel like I want to share something. I'm also no longer categorising the blog as to being about a certain subject. I haven't really completely fit in the beauty/fashion side of blogging; yes I love it, but I also want to share life things, baby things, house things. I want to write about my feelings and my experiences.
I will of course still be doing the odd review here and there, and I'll also be including videos from my YouTube channel as I used to; but I won't be labelling WhenFlowersFall as a this, that or the other blog. (You'll still be able to find posts on certain subjects underneath the blog header.)

I want to thank anyone who has stuck with WFF throughout this break. I left it in an uncertain place, and am returning knowing exactly what I want from it.
I hope 2015 can be the year that both WFF the blog and WFF the YouTube channel can really take off. I would not only would love to get more readers, but I'd also love to make lots of new friends.

If you are new, and have never visited WFF before, welcome and thanks for joining me on this new chapter.

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