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A sick week in the Jones household this week.
It's been pretty slow going, but thankfully I've started to feel better, so it's only Liam that's really ill now.

1- Scout has discovered that being on his belly is more fun than on his back. He's also trying to get his knees underneath him, so I think we may have a crawler by Christmas.
2- I managed to find a little time to sit down and start adding some photo's to Scout's memory book.
3- We also discovered that he dislikes hats. A lot.
4- Trying to eat healthier,, (yes ignore the pop tarts) we decided to do a Tesco run. This tiny amount of food cost us £40!!! We'll be going to Aldi from now on.
5- Teething has hit Scout hard this week. He dribbling everywhere, his hands are constantly in his mouth and absolutely nothing can soothe him at times. It's been tough.
6- Because of that, he hasn't been napping all too great. Laying next to him has been one way tp get him to sleep. Not so great for me getting things done in the house.
7- Snuggles have been a very big part of this week.
8- On day three of my new healthy eating kick, I found the wonder that is Nakd. I have a new obsession.

What have you guys been up to this week?

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