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W7 is a brand I have talked a lot about on this blog. It's a budget cosmetics brand which often goes overlooked, but in all honesty, their products are just as good as those which as well known and well used. 

I was super exited to recently receive a few things to try from them, the first things that caught my eyes being these; The Full Time Lip Colour*.
This product consists of an incredibly pigmented lip colour which applies as a gloss, but dries to a soft matte finish; and a clear gloss. The idea is that you apply the colour first, letting it dry completely before applying the gloss on top. The product claims it will last 24/7, so of course I put them to the test. 

First I tried them swatched on my hand. I spent the day cleaning and doing other daily bits, and neither shade budged. Unfortunately when worn on the lips though, they didn't last as well. 
Although it looks stunning at first, I did find that the product wore away in the center of the lips after a few hours. (See pictures) More so where you would lick your lips throughout the day, or eat and drink. The edges of my lips on the other hand, did not move. At all. I think how this product wears is really down to what you do whilst wearing it. I honestly think this is a perfect lip product for any occasion where you aren't eating or drinking too much.


The only other teeny issue I had with it was the stickiness of the gloss. I think if the gloss was smooth and not so sticky, the product may last even better. I feel like the gloss may be one of the reasons that the middle wore off so easily. I did try using the lip colour alone, without the gloss, but it still didn't quite dry completely. Again, this could be down to the fact that your lips are always moist. (Oh, I hate that word.)

I know I've picked a few issues with this product, but on the whole I really did like it. The pigmentation for starters is incredible. It applies like a dream and if you wear it at the right time, it lasts really well.

I will update here as soon as I can find out a price point for these, but I really can't imagine them being too much. They'd definitely be worth it for even a few hours wear at a time. 

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