The Last 3 Weeks...

Hi guys!!

Oh my goodness, how I've missed sitting down and writing out blog posts.
I'm pretty sure you will all know by now, but three weeks ago I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy. The labour was pretty traumatic and hopefully I will have a labour story post up soon; but I am so thankful that we now have little Scout in our arms.

I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who is still popping by WFF to read previous posts. Scout is not much of a daytime sleeper, so getting new ones written at the minute is very, very difficult. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks things will get a bit easier though. I'm also absolutely dying to introduce him over on the WFF youtube channel. I think my first video back may be his one month postpartum update. How mums jump right back into this stuff just days after their baby is born, I don't know.

Anywho, he is currently sleeping with his Daddy in bed and I can here him stirring. That means it's time for food.
If you want to keep up with us whilst I'm not around on here much, we are still posting vlogs on our daily channel. They sometimes aren't so daily, but there is new content going up on there more often than not.

Hope you've all been well! I miss you!!


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