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If you've watched my March favourites video, then you will already know that within the past month I have become a huge Pinterest addict.
Liam and I have distant plans to own our own home, and when we do, I'm going to finally go crazy with decorating.
After three years in rented property, I'm incredibly fed up with plain walls, crazy wallpaper left by previous tenants, and feeling like I live in a 'that'll do' kind of home.
Thanks to my addiction, I've decided to begin a new little feature on WFF. It'll hopefully include anything from interior to fashion. 

living room
Rug || Love Cushion || Yellow Beaded Cushion || Yellow and Grey Throw
Jones Clock || Coffee Table || Black Framed Mirror || Yellow Photo Frame

Our current living room is a big blank space with no character. We barely use it, and I can only put that down to the fact that it doesn't feel very homely.
My dream living space is full of soft furnishings and personality.
Thanks to Liam's parents, we already have the sofa (actually two, and a chair) in the collage above. They've recently decided to replace the sofas in their second living room and have said they'll keep them for us. Believe it or not they are less than two years old and still in great condition.
Another currently obsession of mine is the colour grey. I really don't think it'll be something that changes anytime soon either. After coming across many grey and yellow rooms on pinterest, I just fell in love with the colour combo. I never thought I'd like yellow, but it just works so well.

There are many things that are currently in our way of buying a property. But when we do, I cannot wait to get stuck in!

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