Baby Jones Update - Week 33

How far along? 33 weeks. 
Total weight gain: 21lbs. I seem to have finally gotten over that 20 mark. 
Maternity clothes? Nope, but my maternity leggings are finally dying. Eeek! I'm wondering if I can make them last another 7 weeks. 
Stretch marks? Still my hip ones. I thought I saw a couple on my belly the other day, it turned out I'd just slept on wrinkly sheets. 
Best moment this week: Having our last scan and finding out that he's weighing 4lbs 14oz already! 
Miss anything? I can't really bend down and reach the floor anymore. I'm now having to do the ever classy squatting. 
Movement: Lots. I think he's discovered the fact that he can move his legs and I've seen his knees a couple of times. 
Food cravings: I'm back to craving meat. Gimme all the steak and burgers!!!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I think bad smells are always going to be an issue for me.
Gender: Boy! 
Labor signs: Nope.
Symptoms: Does starting to feel like a whale count? The water retention and puffiness has begun to appear. 
Belly button in or out? Out a lot of the time now! 
Engagement ring on or off? Off. It doesn't even go past my knuckle!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! My anxiety has been really good this week and not really an issue. 
Looking forward to: Seeing Liam's parents next week! We've not seen them since Christmas. I was only 17? weeks pregnant then. They're also bringing a whole ton of stuff for Scout with them. I may not have had a baby shower, but by the sounds of it, I didn't really need to with the amount of shopping Liam's mum has done. 

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