Baby Jones Update - Week 32

Helloooo, everyone. 
It seems I haven't posted a baby update on the blog for a few weeks now, and today the tables have turned. Many things today stopped me from filming my 32 weeks youtube update, so I thought I should do this for sure! 
I've not taken a belly shot this week, but after editing today's daily vlog I did manage to get this screen shot. Oh my, I look mighty awful, but look at the size of my belly!!! When did it get that big?!? I officially feel like I'm going to pop...

How far along? 32 weeks. Argh! 
Total weight gain: Last time I checked, I was still sitting at around 20lbs. Although, I'll update this tomorrow morning once I've weighed myself. It's probably gone up a couple as I feel huge! 
Maternity clothes? Still haven't purchased anything new. 
Stretch marks? Just the same ones I've had for the past few weeks. I feel like my belly button is getting pretty stretched now though, so I'm half expecting to wake up with some new ones soon. 
Best moment this week: Getting through our 3 hour birth class. I was dreading it and actually really enjoyed it. 
Miss anything? Being able to comfortably sit at my desk. Scout is well and truly in my ribs now and it's becoming insanely uncomfortable. Hence the lack of posts recently. 
Movement: Lots. They are definitely more rolls and waves now though. Strong jabs and kicks are very few and far between during the day now. He goes mad at night when I'm laying on the side he's living on. 
Food cravings: None, but I'm ashamed to say that our eating habits recently have been awful! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: I think bad smells are always going to be an issue for me.
Gender: Boy! 
Labor signs: Nope.
Symptoms: I'm just uncomfortable. Oh, and I can't touch my toes whilst I'm sitting down anymore! Haha! Also, my fingers and toes are beginning to look more sausage-like. 
Belly button in or out? I still don't know what it's doing. In if I'm standing up with the top bit poking out a little. Out if I'm sitting or lying down. Definitely out when I laugh. It's really gross. 
Engagement ring on or off? Off. I really miss it. 
Happy or moody most of the time: I've been quite happy this week. I've had a few moments of extreme anxiety, but I think that's down to me getting nervous about giving birth. 
Looking forward to: Our scan on Monday! I'm hoping we can double check that he is for sure a little boy and maybe get to see some chubby cheeks. I guess it'll depend on how he's positioned. 

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