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A few weeks back I was asked if I would be interested in trying out the pregnancy + app* from I jumped at the chance as even though I've used a couple of apps already throughout my pregnancy, I felt a new one would probably spark my excitement once again. Using the same app that only covers limited things can get a little boring and this one seemed to have everything, and I'm not kidding when I say everything you could possibly need. 

Below, I have covered all this app has to offer. 

Set up of the app is insanely easy. The app asks you for all of the important details it will need to guide you throughout your pregnancy.

The first page will ask you to set up your account, creating your username and password. I didn't take a photo of this page. Then, it'll ask you for things such as who you are, the gender (if you know it), and most importantly the due date.

During setup you can set which units you would like the app to work in and also if you would like the app to send you push notifications.

Today/Main Menu
The main page of the app is where you can access all of your information. It welcomes you with the weeks image, your own profile picture and how far along in your pregnancy you are.

The today page tells you how long you have left and the size of your baby, along with easy access to any important or interesting information you may want to get to quickly.

whenflowersfall pregnancy plus app review birth pregnant

On the 'play' page you can see this weeks image.
You can either press play and watch all of the images play out as a slideshow, or you can flick through the images by running your finger along the scrub bar at the bottom.

The images are soft and easy to look at, giving you a great idea of what you unborn baby would be looking like at any given point.

The free version of this app only takes you up to week 14 and in order to unlock the rest of the images you will have to purchase the full app.
whenflowersfall pregnancy plus app review birth pregnant

The 'Baby' page lets you access
- daily information and advise, all of which is catered to where you are in your pregnancy.
- weekly information about your baby, such as it's length and weight. This page also tells you about how your baby is developing, how you are likely to be feeling, health tips and tricks, and also some great info for your partner.
- images. Here you can again see the images from the 'Play' page. You can also see real 2d and 3d scans for each week.
- size. This will let you access the size guide giving you a fruit or vegetable to compare the size of your unborn baby.
- the timeline. This part of the app is great, you can see a full timeline of important points in your pregnancy. It also gives you an idea of when you should do certain things like pack you hospital bag.
whenflowersfall pregnancy plus app review birth pregnant - kick counter. Many doctors are said to recommend you start counting your baby's kicks from around 28 weeks. This page gives you a two hour timer and a button to hit every time you feel a kick or movement. It'll then save this information for future reference.

The 'Me' page gives you access to
- a guide page, giving you information of food, labour, exercise and any medical questions you may have.
- my weight, where you can track your our weight gains and losses.
- my belly. This gives you images of how your belly is likely to look and also how you baby may be lying inside your uterus. You can also track your own belly growth by uploading your own photos.
- birth plan. Here you can get information on what a birth plan is. You can also go through a few simple lists to select any situations you may wish to happen throughout your labour and birth.
- the appointments page. This page is super simple. You can add any upcoming appointments you may have and they can also be synced to your calendar from here.
- a to do page, where you can create your own lists of things you would like to get done.

whenflowersfall pregnancy plus app review birth pregnant

The 'more' page is the last tab which covers
- your settings for the entire app.
- phone. A place to store any important numbers you may need.
- baby names. A page which gives you lists upon lists of names from all kinds of nationalities and backgrounds.
- shopping. This part gives you many lists of possibly important items you may forget to buy.
- hospital bag. Again, some more helpful lists of things you may need/want to pack in your own bag, baby's bag or even your partner's bag.
- contractions. Much like the kick counter from the 'baby' page. This little helpful tool will help to count and time your contractions when the time comes.

I think it's safe to say that I love using this app. I've been opening this app at least once a day and I'm sure I'll be using it right up until little Scout is born.
I find the app incredibly easy to navigate. It's smooth in operation and gives you everything you need with a few easy touches of the screen.
The bright colours make it a joy to look at without making it look too busy and it's generally a very aesthetically pleasing app to use.
I've already made great use of the kick counter, weight tracker and some of the many lists. I will also definitely be reaching for the when the day comes for me to track contractions.
I would recommend this app to anyone expecting a baby. I think it would be particularly helpful to anyone expecting their first, like me.

There is a free version of this app available, but it only covers certain things, such as images and information up to 14 weeks. For all tools and information you can download the full version for only £1.99.

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*I was not paid in any form to write this post, although I was given a code to download the full version of the app for free. 

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