Baby Jones Update - Week 28

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How far along? 28 weeks! Officially in 3rd trimester land now! 
Total weight gain: 20lbs. I gained 2lbs last when when I forgot to update, and 3lbs this week. My weight has been something I've felt super self-conscious about this week. 
Maternity clothes? Still haven't purchased anything new.
Stretch marks? The good old hip one but that's it.
Best moment this week: Getting the glucose tolerance test and whooping cough vaccine done and out of the way. I'm still waiting to hear back for results from the GTT but at least it's done.
Miss anything? I had a moment this week where I really felt like I missed just being able to have a glass of wine. I never thought in a million years that I would miss being able to have a drink, but it was a tough day and that's all I wanted. 
Movement: Lots. In my video update I say that he has been getting into a routine and not being so noticeably active during the day, by oh my has he been a fidget today. I also don't wanna jinx it, but I feel like he may have moved up a teeny bit. I've been way more comfortable today.
Food cravings: Nope. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Bad smells still. Also, if I don't eat often enough I start to feel sick really quickly. 
Gender: Boy! 
Labor signs: A few braxton hicks, but nothing apart from the odd tightening. 
Symptoms: Backache, the odd bit of heartburn and forgetfulness! I've lost my brain!! 
Belly button in or out? I don't know what it's doing. It's in if I'm standing up, but verging on out if I'm lying down/ sitting back. I think it may pop soon. 
Engagement ring on or off? Off :(
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy most of the time, but this week has been a tad emotional and Liam had to give me a pep talk half way through the week. 
Looking forward to: The 32 week scan. It's still 4 weeks off, but I'm dying to see my little boy again! 

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