Baby Jones - Week 20

I can't believe I haven't done a pregnancy update in 3 weeks! Time is just flying by now and I'm now over halfway. It seems insane to me that in another 17, I'll be considered full term. 

How far along? 20 Weeks! Half wayyyyy!
Total weight gain: From my starting weight, I am up 6lbs. Which, I don't think is too bad considering the amount of food I ate over Xmas and New year. 
Maternity clothes? Just the one pair of leggings I own. I did buy a couple of pairs or jeans from different places, but no matter how much bigger I go, they just don't fit my body shape. Either I can't get them over my thighs, or I can get them on but the waist/bump area is hanging off me. I've just given up on them now and I'm living in plain black leggings with a good stretchy waistband. That seems to work. 
Stretch marks? A couple of tiny new ones on my hips, but old ones are just a little more noticeable. It's not bothering me.
Best moment this week: Feeling baby kick on the outside. It's only happened the once but it was awesome. 
Miss anything? Sleeping a whole night without having to get up to pee. 
Movement: It's really noticeable now, and baby is a real fidget. I've felt kicks and nudges from right underneath my belly button to right by my pubic bone. 
Food cravings: None really. I just always want food. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not that I can think of. 
Gender: Still no idea, hopefully we can find out on Monday. If not, I'm booking a private gender scan. 
Labor signs: No.
Symptoms: Luckily all the annoying symptoms are pretty much gone. I do get the occasional headache though from not drinking enough. 
Belly button in or out? In, but it's so shallow now! 
Engagement ring on or off? Off! My engagement ring is with the jewellery getting a new replayed. Being white gold, it was looking a little tatty so it's gone for a new coat of shiny. I'm not sure if I'll put it back on when I get it back, or if I'll put it on my necklace. 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy most of the time, but first thing in the morning I am a moody cow. 
Looking forward to: Our anatomy scan on Monday morning! 

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