Black Tie Event vs Baby Bump


This year we have Liam's works Christmas do to attend. We've known about it for weeks and weeks now, but only upon looking at the menu that got sent out did I realise that it's actually a black tie event.

I've been looking for a dress ever since, but unfortunately not only do I have the fun of finding a dress flattering to my chunky butt, I also have the challenge of finding something that will cater for my almost 18 week baby belly. Something not so easily done seeing as I really haven't a clue how big I'll be by then.
I'm currently 13 weeks and my belly is definitely growing, so who knows. Can someone look into the future for me?

I've picked out the six above from various maternity sections, but I'm still undecided. I really want to be comfortable, so I looked with that in mind, rather than being so focused on the black tie theme. I did also think about getting a non-maternity dress but just in a bigger size, but I really haven't a clue as to how that would work out. I also don't want to spend a fortune because I really don't know when I'd wear it again.

So let me know your favourite in the comments below. Or if you have another suggestion, that would be greatly appreciated too.
Hopefully I can decide soon!


  1. I didn't have a big bump at 18 weeks really, I wore some of my normal dresses throughout pregnancy ones that flare out under the bust in my normal size, hope you're keeping well. x

  2. Get yourself on New Look, they have some fab dresses. Skater dresses will probably still fit in your size all pregnancy as well, mine did! X


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