We're having a baby!!

Ok, so I figured some of you may not want to watch our vlog, so I thought I'd just write a teeny tiny post!

Liam and I found out four weeks ago that we are expecting our little nugget and even though it wasn't expected, we are both really happy.
I'm 8 weeks right now, and it's getting much harder to hide the fact that I'm not as active with blogging and youtube at the moment. The reason being is that the first trimester hates me.

Anywho, I've been writing weekly updates since we found out, and I'll post those within the next few days.
I'm so excited.

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  1. This is great news! Congratulations!!! Hope you don't feel too bad, looking forward to reading more baby posts :)

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  2. Aww congratulations Sam! :) x

  3. That is amazing!! Congratulations lovely! <3 xxxx

  4. Congrats!!!

  5. Aww this is brill! Congratulations! You'll love it!! Any questions about pregnancy, feel free to fire them my way - i've got a 5 month old so its all relatively fresh for me! :)


  6. Aaah congratulations, so so happy for you both! Hope it gets better in the next few weeks, or at least as good as it's ever going to be! Can't wait to see some baby related posts :D xxx


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